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Man Hit, Killed On I-95 Fleeing Burning Car

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POSTED: 5:33 pm EDT October 18, 2007

A man was struck and killed while attempting to run across Interstate 95 in Volusia County on Thursday afternoon after he crashed into a school bus, drove off the road and fled his burning vehicle, according to officials.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, was driving a silver vehicle on Indigo Road, which runs parallel to I-95 in Daytona Beach, when he crashed into the bus, officials said.

The man fled and drove off the road, crashing through a fence that separates I-95, according to officials. He struck a tree, and the vehicle caught fire, so he fled on foot, running across northbound I-95 near mile marker 261, when he was struck by a white sport utility vehicle, officials said.

A passenger in the silver vehicle is OK, according to officials.

Six students from Campbell Middle School were on the school bus but none was injured. The bus driver complained of minor injuries and was transported to Halifax Hospital, officials said.

Two parents picked their children up at the crash scene and the other four were placed on another bus and taken home.

The conditions of the occupants of the white SUV were not released.

I-95 was closed while officials investigated the incident, and traffic in the area was backed up for miles.


Dang was this guy thinking he was going to cheat death by running from the fire? and after the crash,  then to be run over  WoW, Makes you think he did somethin really bad , or maybe it was simply his time to go.

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The way it is written, makes it sound as if he was trying to leave the scene...

I guess if that was the case, karma is a bitch...

If you hit a bus load of kids, perhaps you should stop?  :shrug:

my thoughts exactly. i think that if he was fleeing the scene of the accident then he got what he deserved. but if its just worded wrong then DAMN......
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