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Now I get to say Good bye BYE!

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I've never considered myself a jealous person, except when it came to folks who were able to post great DL speeds.

BellSouth finally arrived to my neck of the woods.  After being with HughesNet/direcpc for 7 years I get to say so long.

My best speed with HughesNet this year was. ...


But it was just a fluke because the next test I did it was considerably lower.

And this was my speed this morning with BellSouth....


And would you believe it, when I called to cancel my account with Hughes, I spoke to someone without an accent!  I only had to get him to repeat what he had said once. 

Thank you to all who contribute to this forum.  Although I've always lurked on the sidelines, I've learned a lot here.  This place is a great resource.

Have a great day everyone.  Now I think I'll go DL a movie or something and not worry about the FAP!

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Well congrats on your new service  :icon_thumright:

  It took you over two years to make your first post? WoW!  I suppose I cannot say much, I " lurked "around here for a year or so before even joining. So, in lue of that, congrats on your first post as well  :grin2:

Let us know how the new ISP goes .

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