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help with my video card


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I just got my video card today. I installed easily and runs Doom 3 on ultra high setting very well. but how do i know if the card is getting to hot or im pushing it to hard. the catalyst control center doesn't give any of that information. is there another program that monitors that stuff?

I got the ati radeon hd 3850 512mb

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thx for the link, it works great. what temperature is to high? right now my card is at 107 degrees F. and im not doing to much, but i was playing alot earlier.

If it goes over 170f you might have a problem. Video cards can run extremely hot, and still work just fine. If you think its getting too hot, try and get another fan to blow air on it.

Also make sure that no other cards next too it, could be blocking the air flow.

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always running on high settings will burn your card

I beg to differ on that one, although I'm sure in many cases you may be right.

I have a system, AMD 3200+ 2GiB PC 3200 400 MB bus, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro  , and so on, I used for three + years w/ ATI panel to OC the card, the system was OC'ed to 2400 Mhz, I had the ratio , (bus~CPU) off the hook, don't remember, and I don't feel like restarting because it has been up for a month w/ Mandriva 08 folding it's ass off), w/ Oblivion lV, and G3 running @ near max settings,  And the only thing that happend was I burned up the crappy stock fan till I installed a huge Zalman.

Card runs great, still! Before the 9800 Pro, I had the 9700 Pro, ( still got it in another exact same system, No issues other than the damn heat killin the fans  :evil6: :evil6:

Granted , you OC the shit out of em', for long periods of time, I'm sure somethins gonna give.

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ATI Tool is exceptional for overclocking and has some temp monitoring.  RivaTuner has a great monitor that I use to log core/shader/mem speeds, core temp, fan %, video memory usage, and how much video memory overflows into system memory.

Stock cooler on a HD 3850 256MB and 3870 512MB both peaked at 88 degrees celcius, while the custom cooler on a "TUL Radeon HD 3850 512MB" peaked at 54 degrees celcius.  AMD ATI Radeon 3850 & 3870 Review & Temps   One customer disliked the fan controler on a Diamond HD3850 because it starts to rev-up at tempatures well above what he was comfortable with.  I have an EVGA 8600gt that only speeds up the fan to 40% at 76 degrees, even if I set the fan to 100% as soon at it crosses 76 degrees the fan controller sets fan to 40%

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