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Very high cap, torrents fine

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Contrary to what everyone else says about comcast on these boards i consistently get around 25/2.5 (up down) with comcast. Now wait you say, its just powerboost you dont get those speeds! Not true in this case i can sustain a 2-3 megabyte per second download if the server has the enough bandwidth to keep it up. These usually apply to microsoft downloads, maybe googles. (over 700 MB's) torrents do not seem capped i have downlloaded a gig and a hlaf torrent at 2.2 Megabytes per second the whole way through, a lovely seeded torrent i must admit.  I can seed torrents for hours at a steady 250-320 KBps upload or i  can use FTP and keep those speeds. My latency is also quite low, i can even beat FIOS ping times to the same server by about 5 ms. It takes around 86 ms to ping hamburg which isnt bad.

Now my question is, why do i have this. I do not pay for it. FIOS is in the area, so maybe that is a factor. I dont think i am that close to a data center, although i know all the lines up here are fiber (except to my house? which means it changes from fiber to coxial somewhere there) I know fiber is in the nieghborhod due to the fact i  remeber them putting it in. So any idea guys?

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