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Help: setup my laptop with smartbro


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Help needed.

I just bought a new laptop and i want to connect it to the internet

using the current smartbro antenna i have with my desktop computer.

but when i connect the network cable to the laptop, i still can't connect

to the internet... can anybody help how to setup up my laptop without

using a router.

Thanks in advance!!!


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I have something but I dunno if it's the same for notebooks. I felt lazy to re-type so....

for lan connections i don't recommend routers. it's kinda complicated when you use a router.

instead, go for a SWITCH or a HUB. d-link or linksys switch or hubs 8 ports are available for a thousand pesos only, and they are hassle free.

all you have to do is connect your computers and your smartbro connection to it. the workgroup name, subnet mask and default gateway should be the same for both pcs and you'll run them both smoothly, as i said hassle free.

Thanks again, CB.

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ok first check your LAN on your laptop, drivers and all if all is okay check if your laptop is configured to use LAN meaning an icon with 2 small monitors on your tool bar, if none go to control panel and open network connections if you see a network connection icon look up if its enabled.. if its enabled plug in your smart bro cable including the power supply then wait for a min.. if nothing happens click on start then RUN then type cmd and hit enter.. at the command prompt type ipconfig /release then enter.. wait for a few then if a successful on releasing your ip youll see a yellow triangle and a panctuation mark inside on the LAN icon meaning you now have limited connectivity.. again on command prompt type ipconfig /renew  now wait again for a few seconds until your LAN is connected.. also check your internet options under the connection TAB if you are using a proxy uncheck that and choose automatic settings..


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if you have a working LAN port in your laptop, then directly inserting the cable to it would actually enable the internet...

smartbro will detect the new settings on your connection such as the new MAC address that is specific to your laptops LAn card you will be encountering error which can be easily solved by calling the customer service and have your connections reset.. remember that when you use your desktop again you might need to call them back again..

to save your self the hassle of calling the CS, try getting some router. :)

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