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  1. how sure you are that you are seeing other ap accounts? please post some screen shots..
  2. uninstall google web accelerator and that will fix your problem with proxy.pac
  3. ok first check your LAN on your laptop, drivers and all if all is okay check if your laptop is configured to use LAN meaning an icon with 2 small monitors on your tool bar, if none go to control panel and open network connections if you see a network connection icon look up if its enabled.. if its enabled plug in your smart bro cable including the power supply then wait for a min.. if nothing happens click on start then RUN then type cmd and hit enter.. at the command prompt type ipconfig /release then enter.. wait for a few then if a successful on releasing your ip youll see a yellow triangle and a panctuation mark inside on the LAN icon meaning you now have limited connectivity.. again on command prompt type ipconfig /renew now wait again for a few seconds until your LAN is connected.. also check your internet options under the connection TAB if you are using a proxy uncheck that and choose automatic settings.. Goodluck.
  4. it does exist.. if youre a genuine smart bro user the page must show up.. or if youre not a smart BRO user that page will not surely show up....
  5. over ride plug thats the answer to your problem look up the stikies there is an instruction thereon how to make and use the over ride plug good luck..
  6. your color code seems to be ok i think no need to change it..
  7. dont use router when accessing your canopy just plug it directly to you PC.
  8. looking for some tweaks on smartBRO and i found this site.... the rest is history.. this site is a big help and very informative.. friendly moderators too
  9. click this and you wont get any errors :2funny: [move]http://portal.smartbro.net[/move] try it..
  10. because your account is already activated that is why you are not redirected to the new portal page of smart bro.. this is the case i quote the password is not even shown here but there is a possibility that someone can try to input some password on your account to gain full access to your smart bro portal page.. and that is the big risk for us.. so i advice change your passwords now for security reasons..
  11. the new portal page is legit (the one i posted) it is the portal page smart bro uses when your account must be activated the one you posted is also legit (old smart bro portal) you will be redirected to this portal if your account is already activated.. what will happen if you inputed a reference number? didnt you tested the link i posted? any number you inputed the last 5 digits will redirect you to accounts of smart bro users with informations about the user the worst is even the account number is shown.. so do you think this is not a risk??? have you tried accessing the page? it is the new activation page of smart bro.. for info..
  12. somebody maybe using your acount.. somebody may know your email address your password and the secret answer you use.. somebody may know your real name, middle name, and family name.. how??? try this.. first go here https://bro-portal.smartbro.net/login.php then at the service reference number type 10101***** the five asterisk is any number you want.. leave the account number blank then see what's on the next page.... this is a warning.. change your account passwords now! dont use your name, family name, middle name or anything that you use or inputed in your smart bro portal account page... somebody might be accessing your smart bro email now... this is a flaw on smart bro portal page security,,.. warn all your friends who uses smart bro...
  13. oh so you can increase it upto 100? thats cool im gonna try it now.. thanks..
  14. here is the link to the patch im sorry i messed up my earlier post http://www.turboupload.com/download/ILnYnntRLhU6/EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip
  15. im using the default settings in bit comet.. have you heard about the patch in tcp to increase the ports open to 50? you need this file to patch your windows.. warning this is for windows xp service pack 2 only.. will not work with service pack 3 and vista.. [url=http://www.turboupload.com/download/qEgf3K7zHuOv/EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip extract the file and run the patch.. in this window just type the letter "y" this is the next event.. This warning will pop up just click Cancel if all is well this is next.. In this window just click "Yes" be sure you dont have a windows xp cd rom inside your cdrom drives before patching and reminder be sure you have windows xp sp2.. reboot and test your download speed in bitcomet.. im using the latest version of bitcomet ver 0.96
  16. try bitcomet also faster in torrents using smart bro
  17. its natural that somebody might not agree but the true facts is not deceiving i totally disagree with that statement..
  18. just uninstall the drivers of your lan card then reinstall.. if you changed the settings in your lan card.. but if you changed the setting in your canopy just bring it back to 10mb duplex..
  19. i am one of those unfortunate with just 1mb aggregate.. does a 7mb aggregate is an advantage?
  20. -51 is closer to zero am i wrong? .....+2,+1,0, -1, -2 .... -51...-70,-71? and youre right -51 is much powerful than -71
  21. trust me if your post is replied by these 3... EF, CB, and FB.. youre in good hands just follow their instructions and in no time your connection will zoom like a space shuttle..
  22. im trying really hard but nothing worked ive changed the IP on my router and still didnt worked is there a work around on this matter? i just want to access the canopy page when im connected to my router.. anybody know how to do this?
  23. can you upload the update software to rapidshare and pm me the link you can try the tutorial of EF to update your canopy firmware
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