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There Is A Problem ++ I Am Out Of The Hospital And Back On-Line! Ahhhh

Guest jeffwalker9999

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Guest jeffwalker9999

Went in on the 7th

and out today the 17th

and back home

Darn 10 days again to end my

Star Trec -"Space The Final Frontier!

Doc - Their has to be an place in between!

Get be back on Earth! 

I am Not an Trecie!

Well I'm now back at home and undergoing recovery

Soon surjury to remove/bioposy node left  [groin area]

but have to be off cardic meds for 7 days and bp up -running at 80/50's


Warning I'm back On-Line


The best site to keep your medical records -

Again - Thanks for all the get well and other stuff you have done............

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Guest jeffwalker9999



I am a survivor ! !

Stroke - Cancer - Heart Attack x3


My Star Trec Adventures had to stop 

Seizures and Blackouts


Family had enough and made me go to hospital

and Glad that they did make me..... 

Doing good >>>>>

Surjury--- soon to biopsy an node in upper inside of left leg

I have to be off the cardiac meds for 7 days before can sched surjury and more labs

Three CAT Scans


An PET Scan

Labs [ cannot count them ]

An EET Scan

An Work Up

Glad to be home and back On-Line

Again Thanks to All >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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