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Am I doing something wrong here? The bluetooth Dongle and me.


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:confused4:  Ok, am I doing something wrong here? Or does the inventor of the Bluetooth Dongle need shot? I mean, just the item by its funny name ----Dongle. Dongle? Come on who came up with that name? lmao.

  Anyway, to the point at hand. I don't know if you may remember my setup for internet, so if not I will go into brief detail. I am running Windows XP on a computer almost as old as me (Pure conjecture, I don't think they even thought of computers when I was born. Lol, nah, I am not that old). It's a Dell Optiplex GX110 with a Pentium III /933Mhz/512 Mb ram/160 Gb hdd. I know, a dinosaur. It's my personal favorite though because if I fiddle around and break it I haven't lost that much. Heck I paid $18 for it on ebay, and the most expensive thing I put in it was the 160Gb hdd for $70, so yeah, I wouldn't be out that much.lol. Anyway, I am tethered to my pc with an Alltel Samsung SCH-R500 (Hue). I have the $25 unlimited data plan (WLS Phones as Modem), and until recently was tethered via USB cable. The only problem I had with that set up was that the cable would not charge the phone. I could be on the internet for maybe two hours and the phone would go dead. I had to stop and charge the phone, and start all over again. A real bummer.

  This is where the Dongle comes in. I had the bright idea of Yeah! connecting the phone to my pc via the Bluetooth Dongle and keeping my charger connected to the phone therefore it would not go dead every two hours. Well, the keeping the phone charged thing works, thank goodness, but the speed is not! Here is my average speed when connected via USB Cable:


And here is my speed via Bluetooth dangitty diggity Dongle:


  Am I missing something, doing something wrong, or is Bluetooth, in essence, slower than USB Cable?  If so I want my $4.79 back. lol, gotta love Ebay, my favorite place to shop.

  I can note one thing though. When I connected via USB cable, I used Alltel's Quick link mobile software. And that dialed #777 to connect to the network. The new Bluetooth software - IVT corporation BlueSoleil uses *99***1# to dial. I am not even sure if that is Alltel. I sure hope so. I don't want to see an enormous bill next month. When I tried to configure the new software to dial #777 I kept getting an error.

  So it's give up the convenience of being able to surf the internet for unlimited trips and time, at only 272 Kbps, or being stuck with having to charge the phone every two hours and speeding around at near 500.

  Any Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

  Thanks gang

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Yea, don't wanna get caught w/ your dongle out  :haha:

I would say thats good for bluetooth, although I've never actually speedtested it, it always seems slow when uploading pics and such.

Suggestion on the surfing, something you probably do, or know about, can you set your browser to not show images ?  But..........maybe, well never-mind  :evil6:

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Dang, but that would take all of the fun out of nuns.com. Oh, wait, I didn't say that out loud did I. lol. Oh, but wait, I just looked it up and there is REALLY a www.nuns.com. Lmao!!!! Sorry, my bad. I better go say 200 hail mary's.

  But anyway, yea, I have my browser set up to cut down the images. It just amazes me how much of a difference there is in bluetooth and USB cable. I mean, the bluetooth is wireless so it should run faster, right? Not necessarily the case I guess.I am tweaking as we speak.

  I don't see that much of a difference in page loads while surfing the web. The major difference is when I download files on my p2p. LEGAL mind you. It went from 60-65kb/s to 30-35. BIG Difference. I am new to the Bluetooth thing, so I will focus my attention on tweaking it.

  Thanks for the reply.

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