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Access to Canopy SMART Bro


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I accessed to my Canopy Settings (my canopy is Lite SM)

And when i want to speed up my net I am saw that in QoS:

Sustained Uplink Data Rate: 256kbps  (range 0-500)

Sustained Downlink Data Rate: 256kbps  (range 0-500)

Uplink Burst Alocation: 768kbps  (range 0-768)

Downlink Burst Alocation: 768kbps  (range 0-768)

Other is disabled and set to 0.

How i can set large speed or this Canopy cant be beater.

I need quick replay

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hello there stefanACM.

we are glad that after you read the pertinent topics you were able to open the canopy page.

please be reminded that you're on Smartbro, features of which are the following:

1. The advertised speed is up to 384 Kbps for 999 pesos. if your lucky that the base station you are homed has been upgraded, you will get a speed of up to 512 Kbps, still for 999 pesos.

2. Because your service Plan is P999, you were provided a Canopy SM Lite antenna, which has Sustained Data rates max of 1000 Kbps or 1Mbps. you can set the Download or Upload data rates however you want as long as both will total to a figure which is less than or equal to 1000 Kbps. For example: you set the Download to 600 Kbps and the upload to 400 Kbps or vice versa.

3. There is no way you can increase the Uplink and Downlink burst allocations. The maximum is 1500 Kbps each for a subscriber module with 1mb aggregate.

I hope you find this explanation helpful.

Now, if you want to increase your speed by tweaking, click the following link and read on.  :wink:


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and I missed a very outstanding information:

I using internet with 768/192Kbps.

How i can set largest upload

you are one of the unlucky subscribers who where provided with a Canopy antenna with only 512Kbps aggregate maximum throughput.

anyways, you can change the upload value by logging in to the Canopy page. Go to Configuration and then to Quality of Service (QoS). Set both Upload and Download Burst Allocations to 768 (though I see on the image that its already set).

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