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Any RoadRunner Professionals here?


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Quick question...There is an apartment in a back of a business I will be staying at, and was wondering if anyone knew if I could get RoadRunner basic there instead of a business class. I called TW but they hung up on me and some guy had no clue to what I was talking about. I really don't know how it could be explained any better lol...Anyways, if anyone knows please answer. If not I guess I will call again on Monday.

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I explained to them that it was an apartment at a store...It's not the first its happened...I don't know, I figure regardless they either a. lose money by telling me I need a business class line because no way in hell I will pay that much!!  :2funny: I am pooorrr. or b. they let me get RR Lite.

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It reminds me of in the past where the first floor was a shop and the second and third floors were where the shop owners lived.  Is it residential and commercial sharing the same foundation?  I hope your situation doesn't fall into an exception catagory.

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