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1. Connect the ethernet cable from the smartbro antenna to the WAN/Internet port of the router.

2. Connect your PC to the first ethernet port on the router.

3. Make sure that in your PC network settings, it is set to Dynamic IP (Obtain IP automatically)

4. On your Internet browser, type, leave username blank and password "admin" (w/o quotes)

5. On the router

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thanks guys,

i will try to do this method.

..can you please explain this thoroughly:

If none of this works, you could add a second lan card to your original computer, and set up internet sharing on that machine, it will then act as a router, you'll need a crossover cable to connect from the second lan card, then to the second machine.


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  Your set up might vary slightly.

Add a second Lan card to the machine that you originally set up the smartbro account on.

On the first machine ( the one that is connected to the internet first, open the Network Connections folder. Under Network Tasks, click Set up a home or small office network.

Click Start >All Programs >Accessories >Communications >Network Setup Wizard.  ( you might need to insert the XP install disk)

Select the Internet connection that will be shared with the second machine. The Wizard will try determine which one to use.

Since your computer has more than one Lan card, the wizard asks you to select which one(s) to use. Specify Let me choose the connections to my network, then "highlight"the two connections, or cards, and chose  "bridge connections". Make a description of your network, and name your network ie:mshome, or it could already be named, make sure there all the same, I'm not sure about smartbro setup.

You'll need to go into the network properties on the first Lan card, and select "allow other computers to connect through this computer "

Then on the second machine, you need to start the connection wizard , and select "this computer connects through another computer " You might then have to click connect to the ICS server, enter the same information you did on the first machine ie: description , and mshome ( unless smartbro calls it something different.

You'll have to restart both machines after the wizard is done. Chances are, you'll be asked a few different questions during the process of each machine.

But I must say, you could lose your connection, and need to call smartbro to get things working again as I am not familiar with your specific setup. Keep this in mind please.

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