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Firewall of choice?


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;) I have used many I own a McAffee AV right now but I'm using the free ZA which works fine 4me....BTW I uninstalled McAFlea because it slowed down my speed by 1000Kbps and Tech Support couldn't fix it and their final suggestion was what was more important 2me speed or safety.....I didn't waste my time answering, I always thought if you were a paying customer you could have both but I guess I was wrong.... :(

8) Microwave

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Trendmicro Internet Security is my fav right now.. I have used nortan, ZA, and a few other free one.. the thing that I like about TM is that you can scan for wireless clients that are not supost to have acess to your network..  Very helpful!  and the updates are about every 10 hours or so..  Very current!  Take a look well worth the 49.99 price tag..

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i am using norton 2005 and its a pain in the back

i dont know why but it does not like skype

or when i am using something diffrent it says do u want to allow skype

it doesnt like skype

works fine with the rest of the program

but does not ask every inbound and outbound thing so its not anoying but not super safe also

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by default Norton have "Automatic Program control" enabled, turn that off and delete all program specifyed rules, now Norton will ask you for each connection to your pc

btw, no firewall is 100% secure, the most holes in Firewall is made by the user, poor configged program rules

VanBuren :)

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