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help..downgrade laptop vista to xp

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The problem I had in doing this is that I  could not find all the drivers for XP.

Most of the drivers that I could find off the manufacturer's web pages were VISTA drivers (which is what came on the HP notebook).

Like someone else suggested, make sure you BACK UP all  your data, and even more make sure you have a RESTORE DISC of your pc with the ORIGINAL operating system (in case a downgrade doesn't so smoothly)

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i found this on my laptops site:

  Windows Vista  (supported)

Windows Vista Home Basic (supported)

Windows Vista Home Premium (supported)

Windows Vista Business (unsupported)

Windows Vista Enterprise (unsupported)

Windows Vista Ultimate (unsupported)


but why are the other vista not compatible and the 2 are compatible,theyre all the same,,maybe i can also use Xp on my laptop,,help

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Must be the specs of your laptop. But you should be able to run XP, If it will run bloated Vista. I think Microsoft has a tool to see if your system can support what level of Vista.


The upgrade adviser download says it can install in XP and Vista, but the download link only says XP. There is also a link on the download page to see if your system qualifies for Windows 7.


Windows 7 on Oct 22.  It is almost like XP to me.

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I have heard in ways W-7 is smoother and better.

Yea, this is me saying this, windows 7 is well right now in the "let it out in the wild time"  ....damn, I can't believe I'm sayin this, ....just as smooth as OSX  :cry:  oh shit , what did I just say ?  But not without it's falws, hang up's , and crashs, which if I were to bet on it, MS will NOT release ths product until it is good and damn ready to be pushed to the massive max for any situation from heavy corporate use, to grandma. I say this because look at the history of companies that do not stand up to there customers expectations. Man , can you hear the headlines ?  " MS second flop of a OS "  is it the end for MS in the personal computing era ? "  Because Apple would certainly take a much larger bit from the market as they did on the trail of vista.

  There's no reason why that machine will not accept XP. If it's x86 architecture, it will run XP.  Save your data, wipe the drive, and install a fresh copy of XP.  Simple as that, stop putting yourself through this entanglement of marketing BS.

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