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Help with internet stuttering


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hello been reading the forums for a while now and decided to make an account because i cant solve my problem/s, ok so i have time warner as my isp i use a dlink gaming router and a motorola surfboard modem. my problem is that on both direct connect and wireless i get like internet stutters, what i mean is im browsing the web all fine and then all of a suddon it just says looking for google.com or w/e site i am trying to goto next and after a few seconds it times out, and then a few more seconds or sometimes minutes the internet starts working again. a better example would be when im playing tf2 i have like a 30ms ping and then all of a suddon i can move my character but for some reason i can see everyone elses character moving fine and not in a it doesnt no what to do and run into a wall loop i mean i can still c the other players moving around like normal plz somebody help!! :cry2: :cry2: :cry:

Edit: oh and on my wireless connected ps3 in alot of games of codWAW i get a connection problem during the game and then  it disconnects and its just me not the server and while i was in there i had a full connection green bar

Edit: another edit btw i had the modem replaced a few days ago cause i thought that was why it was stuttering and it still didnt fix it i also got a new router but that wasnt the issue either i can seem to solve this!!

Downstream  	Value

Frequency	117000000 Hz

Signal To Noise Ratio	37.7 dB

Power Level	-4.1 dBmV

The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading

Upstream 	Value

Channel ID	1

Frequency	33000000 Hz

Power	51.3 dBmV

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Are there any Splitters on the cable Internet line? Or a bad connector that is partly shorting across the wires. Or maybe no ground on the incoming wire connection in the cable box on the side of the house(static buildup).

Disconnect the TV and see if the loss of signal fixes itself.

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Well if the tech knows what he's doing , and the local lines are good, then I would look at the drop, if the drop and or the port check out, then the first node could have a split, where water, and or wind are effecting it. If there is no physical defects, then there would most likely be a failing card in the node. Since from here the only thing that is effected is the download, it would most certainly be a card, or component in there.  This is more common then anything with TWC as when the previous owner had possession, they rarely replaced any of it, just pulled old parts from older parts lol

I would keep on the ISP about this until they fixed it. There doing much better now.

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