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well i have alot of free time on my hands and im curious about virtual machines. ive done a little bit of reading on them and it sounds kinda neat...yes, i just said neat...so im curious and would like to mess around with some virtualization. can anyone recommend a VM program thats not too complicated for a guy like myself with no experience in machine virtualization? i have no specific reason for wanting to play around with this stuff, im just curious and wanna check em out, see what its all about, i like to play with different types of software now and then. i just recently discovered Daemon Tools, and i really like the idea of virtual drives, so now i wanna check out a virtual machine.

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ok i got some noob like questions before i get too deep into this VM stuff. a virtual machine is only as good as the physical machine right? and when using the virtual machine, does it take up space on my real hard drive when i save files in the virtual machine? or is it a virtual hard disk? and is it possible to transfer files from virtual machine to physical machine or vise versa? sorry if i seem like a noob, but like i said, i have no experience in VM, but wm trying it out, and i dont want to get too far ahead of myself.

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