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video surveillance software


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Does anyone have a link to a good, clean, free video surveillance software?

Just going to use an old machine and standard webcam. OS's of Vista/Windows7 or maybe Linux.

Criteria is being able to have motion sensing and being able to automatically write the images to the hard drive.  And a bonus would too be able to adjust the webcams optics(light/dark).

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But I tried that already.  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Couldn't find one with a decent review about stability or the features I'd like. Some free ones don't let you write to disc. they are just streamers. Or I don't trust the download source.

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So I found a nice little webcam capture program.


The program updates are discontinued, but it does work on Windows 7 and XP.

Heres some details on how to use it. And yes, East Vancouver BC is a bug in the cities bonnet. But it is being pushed away from the cities core.


Note this file name line to make a new pic ,while leaving the previous pic intact. Otherwise it will delete the older pic.

patio-camera%G%g    and then  .jpg 

And then it can be motion activated, but you must change the pic taking time to zero seconds per minute. And then it will take multiple pics for full motion details. Or change to more seconds between pic taking duration.

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Yo zalternate, ever come up with anything ?

I ask because I have cams here and there also, and my controller/ converter went out :( And it was a trade a while back for some work. The cams are cheap BW night vision with sound, they work super good and there's no reason not to continue to use them.

They all have RCA jacks, there powered. I have a decent DVR with 160 gb drive, and a dvd+rw inside that I used to record when I was gone that I can still use, but Id'e rather just do it the way you were suggesting.

I found a pci cards for this, is this the way your doing it ? And what software did you end up with ? Find anything open source ? I don't mind setting a system aside specifically for this.

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I'm just doing it with a USB extension right now, To an old webcam. CHEAP ME.

The "Dorgem" software is pretty decent. Only blue screened me about twice in a couple weeks. Think it had to do with the old webcam that I am using. The sunglass lens on the front helps to allow it to see in the sunlight. And the cam does not see in the darkness(even with a street light out front). Free, but no longer updated(links in the upper posts).  The motion censor part is too sensitive(not adjustable) and reacts to shadows.

There is another one that I have not dived into. Not sure if it works on webcams. It may be just for standard digital cameras.

There is a free version on this site  http://www.video-monitoring.com/about_VM95.htm  in the download section. Found it listed in a webcam lists looking at Vancouver BC. http://www.katkam.ca

Another one not tried is http://www.yawcam.com/  http://www.jericho.ca/webcam/mapwebcam.html  

Heres an interesting tutorial for another webcam , if someone who wants to do it wireless.  http://www.falsecreekwebcam.com/howto/mycam.html

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With a dual monitor setup(single machine), you can look at what made the noise outside, instead of getting exercise by standing up and going to the window.

Or hide, when the religious folk come to disengage your mind with their pamphlets.

Or to record data, to be able to tell when the cable guy did not show up(when he said he did), when you went to the toilet for a few grunting minutes.

The link for the simplehelp.net(in the first post), shows what city living is like, in east Vancouver BC.

Many a YouTube video was born by someone having a webcam aimed out their office or apartment windows.

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