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Problem with pendrive ?? plzz help me out, it's urgent


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:cry: :cry: :cry::icon_pale:

i have a problem with my pendrive , when i plug it in my PC , i doesn't open, and when i try to copy anything into it, it shows a Message:- DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED......

when i try to format it it shows again that message........DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED.....

when i scan it , it does process the scan!!!

Can Any one help me out ,,,,, PLzzzzzz , it's urgent>>>

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The usb flash drive may of failed.

If there is no data on it to lose.

In XP, click start, then right click my Computer, click manage, Click disc management, then if your usb drive is there, then you can try to format it(right click it). Be cautious as to not format your hard disc... If it's dead, it still won't format.

Also try the drive out in another computer to see if there is a usb flash drive driver error or corruption.

If the drive is older, it may have a little slider on it that makes the drive write protected.

Maybe someone else has some tips, for recovery of lost files on it.

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There are a few possible solutions , unless the drive failed, and went into lock mode. There is a registry line that sometimes gets messed up, and locks a device . I had this on "A/" drive many times in the past. I have alot of them wrote down in chicken scratch, so make sure whatever you do, you copy and save somewhere before editing. Just save them with a slightly different name at the end, in notepad.

Start > Run > type

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i have tried all of your tricks to my pendrive but i m unable to format it, i have tried to format it in safe mode but it again shows "disk write protected".

is there any other way

What was the registry value when you looked at it ?

It may be , like has been suggested, that the drive is simply bad.

Maybe try some of these suggestions on another machine if available.

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