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In Remembrance...September 11, 2001


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It's been 8 years tomorrow...Let's all remember...how the war on terror began that day...remember...all those innocents that lost their lives that day...remember all the brave men and women that came to the rescue...and those that gave unselfishly...and those that gave their lives in that rescue.

Have you forgotten how you felt that day?? I haven't...I remember being glad that my Dad didn't have to see what happened...I remember the terror I felt as I watched on TV what was going on...the confusion...wondering if I was trapped in a nightmare. It was overwhelming...America was wounded...we've healed...but we can't forget...Do you remember the anger we all felt when the dust settled and the fear subsided??

This is a beautiful site...yes it has all the horrible photos that we've all seen a million times. But we can't forget what we're still fighting for...and remember those men and women that lost and gave their lives that day...and that our freedom wasn't lost that day.


take the time to watch this video first...I've posted it before...but it so beautiful I thought it was worth a repost...

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He's one that feels what he does, that can only come from the inside.

Sometimes i sit back and think how so many people died, and so many are still hurting, I think about how we all were connected for a week or so, it was in the air, it was alive, the feelings we all have were the same, we knew each other. When I went in to get a coffee, and someone held the door, they knew and I knew that we were thinking the same thing. For a little while we were one as we should be.

Some of you might understand when I say how good that felt, that instead of people rushing around trying to beat down the car in front of them, or getting off the green faster then the car next to you,  or get in line for the checkout first, no, for a little while we were just us, we were closer to how we should be. The competitive nature in us blended with the reality that we are all here together, and we all share so many of the same things. Some might not understand that I felt good in those after weeks of 9/11, you might think how can he say that felt good, well, I don't suppose there's that many out there that don't understand.

Now were worse then we were, were torn , battered, shameless, rude, and even more subjective then ever. Everyone else is wrong, and opinions are shone as not with the mainstream, and everyone is ridiculing someone else for not doing what the TV tells them.

It's really too bad that we can't go back, and stay like we all were for those couple of weeks. Anyhow, now bash me.

Thanks for the vid tdawn  :)

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Yes that was beautiful. And for many veterans I believe we are still close. When I go the the VA hospital there is nothing but soldiers with respect for each other. We did our part. We did not shirk our responsibility to do our best to defend. And there is no color, sex, or age. It always give me the willies.

I believe what was felt and seen during that time was real Patriotism . And it was everywhere. The flag companies were having a field day for profits. Thats when you can tell if it is hidden.  :wink:

Flags were painted on the streets. Flown from vehicles. Painted on houses no less. Everywhere. It was a grand time.

Its just too bad such a high price had to be paid to get it back. I wonder what it will take next time to get that back?  :roll:

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