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netflix streaming video is pnMeUff


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A way of checking out who's problem it is, is by doing a  tracert to see if a Internet router somewhere is got high pings or dropped packets.

I'm surprised the Internet provider did not say that it is overnight maintenance. Thats a real easy excuse.

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is this some kind of code...what is this??

Me thinks he's just telling us what time he's having problems with his stream, what movie he was watching, and what netflix, and his ISP are telling him. Of course, I'm usually wrong, could be some kind of lower fourth dimension reptilian , sending a message through the portal by means of telepathic transportation on the lines of mental tribunal schemes for no other reason then inflammatory anus , and a rectal penetration sequence that can only be performed upon the request of the queen of zuiiploinkksuk in a full alignment of inter solar wind direction, on a friday night of course.

But then again, I could be wrong.

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