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Moved in to a new home last October. I have two internet connections. There's a cable hookup which is redundant due to a package deal I made with Comcast, which they reneged on, and I got stuck with this extra connection. I had it hooked up for a while for testing purposes and got better speed out of my ADSL line. I have been fairly satisfied with the speed of my ADSL line but that unused connection bugs me being unused. I'd like to make use of it somehow.

From what I've read, it does not seem to be worth the cost of paying $150+ for a dual-WAN router. There doesn't appear to be a worthwhile speed increase. Have I missed something or is there a way to make that unused cable connection pay off in increased speed?


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From what I've read is that you don't see an increase in speed, but you can pull down more data at a time, as it splits the data between both connections. Think of it like a 1/2" hose(single ISP) compared to a 1" hose(Dual ISP). More volume can come in, without an increase(pressure) in 'speed test' speed.

Great for sharing the connection with multiple users and if one connection should become unavailable, you default automatically over to the live connection.

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