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Score Signatures


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Score images are now working with the new forum. Although you'll need to either re-generate your code or edit your existing signature code.

I'll use my code for instance...

All you have to do is add...
... after the score code. So the correct, working output would look like...

To generate new BBC for your signature you can always re-test and regenerate, search the scores database and click 'IMG' next to the score you'd like to generate code for.... or take the test code (e.g. mine from above would be 1S980CZ76) and paste it directly over at the Share a Score Tool.

Once you get the updated code... just paste it to the signature section of your profile.


- Damon

By the way... I'll go through and fix some of these for you guys... if I see one that isn't displaying correctly I'll take care of it. But if you could please help by taking care of your own that would be a big help to me. :)

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Sounds good. but speaking of signatures, i cannot edit mine because when i try it says my image is too large ... lol ?

Should be cool now... the reason being because I had it set to only allow 5 lines... you have a 10 line sig. I really don't have a problem with out mods having sigs that big however.

You may want to update the formatting... some of the BBCode is messed up. :) -- let me know if there are any more problems with that.


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