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Best way to compress files


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lol...yea...that sounds kinda normal

wen i tried compressing a bunch of Office2003 installation files (it was taking up a little more than 1 gig for all the installation files and whatnot), it took what seemed to be like 30 minutes (this was with winrar), so yea...9.6 gb probably would take a while

i guess it also depends on how many files there are, im guessing if it was just like 1 9.6 gb file, it would be a little faster than a thousand files that add up to 9.6gb[but dont quote me on this...]

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Ok well to finish things off, compressing a folder with video files or the files themself will NOT conserve space! <-- n00b

  Dont i wish it did! :(  140GB of video, and it hardly compresses at all.  Same with installation files.  Text files are the only files that compress really well.  Too bad :(
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thats the bad thing with Video files....so big

I have a stack of Digital tapes that I need to put on my computer, edit, burn to DVD and then re-archive...

They are like 12GB/hour and I have about 20 tapes...

I should be able to edit them from an hour down to about 10 minutes (2GB)

Then I should be able to archive the edited version on DVD and keep the original in its tape format...

thats the plan anyway


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