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Wow No Threads? Comcast Wtf.

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ok check this out. I had been testing lately and I get about 2300 or so which I think I get an averagde of 3.1 Megs per sec. I get my Comcast Bill and see they almost doubled my DVR, My Sports Network, and did Double just the price I pay for tv's not anything Special and only 3 Tv's was like $18 or something nuts when I was paying $7.99So I figure drop Internet Modem Fee, DVR, Sports, extra TV or 2 Watch alot more netflix streaming on my FAT+ Id Upgrade to the Extreme 50 and still save $10 so I do it.

Here is my new speed after supposidly upgrading.

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Yes sorry about the delay I somehow missed that I had a reply, I had all sorts of isses with comcast and their Supposed Extreme 50, I tried running directly into Modem as It allowed me to use my 1Gb connection (10-100-1000 lan) for those who may not understand what I was refering to.

I ended up getting a average of about 35-40 which to me was not worth an extra $40 compared to what I was paying to have the 20/5 Speed tier. I had worked wit customer service at least 3 times and never could figure out why my speed wasn't what it was supposed to be and what was worse is they had me testing using Comcast.speedtest.com I believe it was and another one that was linked with comcast also and those ones showed me getting 60 Mbps download but when I used the ones I trusted like Testmy.net and Speedguide.com I was shown to be getting 35-40 and i was not very happy when they finally told me that since their (comcast) tests showed I was getting wnat I was supposed to then my connection speed was fine even if the other More accurate tests showed me being alot slower.

SO needless to say since comcast has a 30 day gurantee I made sure and reverted back to my original 20/5 speed tier but wouldn't know comcast's billing dept. got all messed up and not only did they charge me the full $40 extra which they were not supposed to as I canceled before my 30 days were up but they also sis a prorate billing of 25 days at so much per day for the extreme 50 tier so my bill ended up being $90 more then what it was the previous month. I am so dissapointed with them if I could find another internet provider that could give me 20/5 speed realistically (I have had DSL companies scam me on speed) I would be done with comcast in a sec.

So needles to say I am now back at my original speed tier but now I find my average is about 23/3 which I have no idea why my upload dropped so much as it used to be around 7, I must have had some setting comcast did incorrect so I was getting better upload because after I tested the Extreme 50 my upload speed dropped and it has been on the slower end every since I guess I shoulda kept my mouth shut and been happy with what I had instead of trying to see if I could get better speed.

wow I just went and looked at my results I have saved from before I upgraded to teh extreme 50 and I was consistantly getting between 5.7 and 6.5 Mbps on upload, since then I am about 3.5-3.7Mbps upload which is quite a huge drop seeing how I am supposed to be getting the exact same speed I was prior to the Extreme 50 catastrophe. I am happy though that at least my download is in the same ballpark that it was.

I wonder what could be causing the upload to be so slow I will have to look to be sure what the upload speed is listed as for the (blast) Tier, I think that is what they list it on my invoice as being called.

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I've been watching threads regarding Comcast and the reason most will no longer post, complain and certainly NEVER expect to receive anything close to what they pay for is; There's isn't a DAMN thing that will EVER change. I heard a Stat the other day (unverified), that Comcast is now in control of over 60% of the Bandwidth accross North America. I can't understand how it is they're not considered a monopoly when they are REALLY are the only high speed access in so many areas. Sure, we could connect with Dial Up, or some funky limited DSL (I can only get a 1.2mb DSL here in St. Paul, MN), many can get much better, but there's PLENTY that really only have ONE choice. Oh wait, I guess that can't be considered a choice - sorry. We can't even get accurate tests as Comcast keeps track of consumer complaints instructing support to inquire "What are testing with?", or "What site did you go to for those results?", Then they simply "tunnel" any network packet requesting that domain/IP, creating a temporary direct link, wide open, boosted signal throwing off actual real world results. By temporarily eliminating any and all network latency there's no way to have evidence of your real tiem experience. Now, if you're really on the stick you'll say "Dude, just download something like Net Meter Pro", or some other internet monitoring. Go ahead, see how far you get with when you call to complain that your 105 Extreme ($150 a month {no phone/TV) has taken 2 minutes to refresh your gmail using Google Chrome. You'l still get - "Then your PC needs to upgraded, cleaned or replaced". Then you explain you've been a Systems Administrator for 30+ years, the PC is custom built, ASUS P6X58D-E MB, Intel i7-980x (Six CORE), 12 GB Crucial RAM, OCZ 120GB SSD & Seagate HyBred 750GB for Data. You'll get a long pause and then asked if you would like to "DOWNGRADE" to the 50mb, the 16mb (ReadyBoost), or cancel the account. Another long pause,,,, I'm Sorry you're unhappy, what would you like me to do.

Now I MUST also say, that once I get 2 or 3 PC's in my office cranking downloads, ususally large Windows updates, Libre or transferring massive amounts of data, it's like the pipe opens up and flood gates fly open and all meters begin blink & flash lie Times Square and it moves faster than anything I've ever seen. I just don't understand why Comcast cannot seem to get it CONSISTENT and come to SOME RESOLVE WITH THE LATENCY FROM IDLE? I FIRMLY beleive Comcast is attempting to provide me with a true 105mb down and 20mb up. How else could the pipe scream the way it does once it's open & flowing?

Well, That my Rant, I'm not really seking any answers, just a place to vent. Of course, I'm ALWAYS open to anyone offering up suggestions, tweaks, configurations. By no means do I have all the answers. BTW - the new 105 Extreme modem I have is an Arris TG852G/CT and has built in Wireless. I've had plenty of experience with every modem/router on the planet and I give this Arris a 5-Star rating. The only thing that I can't control is the DNS. Comcast in their Infinity wisdom has determined the 105 Extreme MUST USE Comcast DNS and there's no way around it. Even if you set the DNS in Windows, anything connected to the Comcast network will give precidence to CC DNS. There's a great big "Why is that" for you ....


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I don't like the fact comcast is forcing DNS on there customers, in any way. That to me is considered a serious offense, in many ways. Now I'm not with comcast, none the less it erks me to know there doing that, seriously , any type of DNS management by the ISP should very well be a criminal offense. The matter of choice is not in play, as important as DNS is for security and resource availability, in other words , with this type of management , the ISP can literally exclude even google search results, and or simply block out , blacklist whatever , any address they might deem as not conforming to there rules, morals, or external instructions.

By doing that, they can re direct any connection to any address they please. Major security risk. To say the least of what can be done by this type of DNS management .

Does sound as if comcast is setup a limit on normal browsing, albeit a low one at that for such a large bootfile you have ( is the bootfile still used ? ). I can see this on a 5 Mb /1 Mb ( or whatever the average connection is for comcast customers ) , might allocate available bandwidth to those on the node until any IP needs opened up briefly. Sounds experimental to me.

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I am glad I read This again after Some Time, I had a Huge HUGE Argument with Comcast Tech ( I have Been Playing WIth Networking, WIFI, Speed Tweaks, Speedtesting since 2001 So I have a Bit of Knowledge about what I am talking about and Because of that happen to get Quite Irritated when they Lie to me or blame anything on my end as being the speed Issue) About the Speed I was Getting after Upgrading to the Extreme 50, Look about 2 Posts Back (Which was about a Year Ago Now) They had Me Testing using Comcast.Speedtest.BS and so on When I mentioned Testmy.net they got so Rediculous saying it was This Site and on and On Had to get out my shovel and put on Hip waders it was Getting deep quick.

What was Hilarious was I have been apart of Testmy.net for years and have the Insane amount of Results in my History on my profile so when I showed them how a Year ago ( At that Time) Testmy.net showed exactly what Speed I was supposed to be Getting according to my Price/Plan and Funnier that a Week before I upgraded I was getting the correct speed for my plan but Surprise Surprise when I upgraded I was no longer getting the correct speed for the plan, SO how could this site be exactly correct on every occasion except the moment I upgraded as was concerned I was not getting what I paid for.

I also ( Because I am Obsessed I suppose with getting the Most out of my internet) had kept Snippets or Copies of their Suggested Speed tests and wanted an explaination as to why when I was supposed to get 20Mbps down their tests showed me receiving 25-35Mbps yet Testmy.net and a couple others I use showed me being just a Bit under 20Mbps. Well within the expected 10% of Advertised Speed and how could they possibly tell me i was receiving the Advertised Speed of 50Mbps when the 3 Tests I have proof of always being dead on accurate show me at anywhere from 35Mbps-40Mbps but never above 40Mbps which according to my math is about 80% of what I was supposed to be at yet their tests showed me receiving 65Mbps.

They actually had the Nerve to try to Try to say I should be happy as I was getting better speed then what I was supposed to according to THEIR Tests.

SO finally After about a week and a Half I was able to get the Tech to agree I was not receiving the advertised speed so I wanted my account put back to what I had and the fee removed (according to their 30 day Policy of satisfaction Guaranteed).

OMG what happened next was I actually don't have any words for it I can use on this Forum due to I am sure younger people may read these, They not only charged me the Increased Fee for the Extreme 50 (which I only had a Max of 3 weeks with week one being at my previous speed due to no one updating the data so my Modem would use new config) They charged me a Full Month at Higher Price, Did A Prorate of my Month at the Higher rate somehow came to the conclusion that for the month of Feb of 2011 my Comcast bill went from a little over $120 to almost $400 and no one could seem to see how it was all an error even though I had it highlighted and as easy to see as the nose on my face.

Then to add Irritation to top it off while I was Disputing the charges (even though I payed my amount I am normally billed each month Prior) they decided to do a Soft Disconnect they call it on an amount they claim was overdue which was not even a amount I was in the end required to pay, but it did cause any discount I had or Prices I had on my DVR's to expire and new higher prices to be now in effect.

In the end that Convienent Disconnect due to their incorrect ability to add properly caused me an increase of almost $25 per month I guess that shows me never to argue with their techs or try to use their 30 Day guarantee again for anything.

If I could find a company that could provide me at min. 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up I would be Dropping comcast like a flaming bag of Poo.

But so far One company does not have the ability to my location I am about 2000 feet to far away according to the tech and the other company will not call me even after 3 requests online to be contacted so I can order their services ( I assume I am just out of their range also)

SO sad that a company can have such a strangle hold on the area, If they had a better Business practice and actually rewarded their long time customers I would not have an Issue using Comcast as I really havent had any other issues to complain about my service is 99% of the time up and running but doubling my bill in 3 years and then accounting Fiasco and what followed has me at my wits end but I have to have a decent Internet connection because of what I use it for and must have ability to have at min 3 computers online or i may just have went with some wireless internet of some sort.

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Another thing that has me Wondering about comcast is in July of 2011 I get a Email and a Letter from them claiming some Site found me to be in violation of copyright something or another because I have a file on my computer called Cars 2. This had me all sorts of confused so I went on every computer I had on the Internet and checked and not one single computer had Cars2 file nor did the 2 I no longer use ( I checked them just to be sure as I had been attempting to put a desktop together to see if any of those extra parts I had were worth keeping) I honestly have not used any file sharing Programs since 2004 and even then it was not for Movies or Music files it was for Karaoke Files or .cdg or .zip which is what most were a Good 3 years prior to even starting my comcast account and since then find it is way to much of a Security Risk, a Financial Risk and way to much actual work when I can mush easier go to Itunes to preview a song or band and then buy the album or songs I want and I am guaranteed it will be complete, the actual song I am looking for, of a decent quality and not happen to have some scary ZComputer Fungus attached to it that turns my HD and all my data that has taken me alot of Hard Work and Time to aquire and make it go Poof.

Even after responding to the email and letter explaining I have no file like that nor anything Movie or Music with the word Car in it I received no response as to where there may have been a mistake or if by chance because I have a Seagate FAT+ (Freeagent Theater +) and have netflix Streaming could that have somehow caused the issue.

SO to this day I do not have any idea why I received this Email and Letter accusing me of this Violation and that in itslef had me worried that possibly I had someone hacked into my wireless so I made sure to make a New Key which I doubt anyone could figure out as I myslef cannot remember the darn thing and made sure to change my router Password to something so Insane and long I can't even remotely attempt to remember it either.

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