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I've been building like crazy and I wanted to let everyone in on a few new things...

First, download tests will have a much different feel. I have added an extra technique to the test. I've found that by adding this step to the process results are not only much more consistant, the tests also require less data to achieve accurate results. Just don't be alarmed if it feels different than you may be used to.

Second, the results page... updated to display percentages. Some extra funny results quotes have also been added. (I feel like that's a tradition at this point, lol)

Third, holy cow... major fix. I have remapped the score database, you should no longer see any queries that take longer than a second or two at the most.... most queries are instant. This was a major fix in a design flaw that only became apparent when the database became super large.

Fourth, the Scheduled test is now called the Auto or Automatic Test and updates have been made over there as well. I've been running it for days and have been getting great data out of it.

Many more things I haven't mentioned but that's good for now.




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