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Dallas semiconductors


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Just popped in to ask the guys that know ,

Winter approaches , I been laying down projects to while away the cold dark nights ,

( in my case being retired, daytime included ,)

I visited a land based Royal Navy cadet ship ? , they were selling things to raise ( Rum ? ) money ,

being ex RAF ,( Royal Air Force ) I figured why not visit the spew guys .

only kidding , I spent time with the Navy guys with with RAF Air Sea Rescue ,

Dallas 1 wire , ? , the guys sold me ( $1.50 USD ) Dallas weather station, :cheesy:

( I am a sucker for things that have wires attached )

it was boxed and unassembled , ( that was the easy bit ) but it was made to connect to a computer ,

with a Serial/ Parallel, / USB port interface using a phone jack , the bit in the kit that wasn't inculeded

I found (google ) the adapter ,it's $82 USD in the UK , I can't figure spending that on a $1.50 buy .

any advise ?

BTW, just been told Canada has put the "Royal" back into it's air force and navy , ? how odd , ? ,

got me thinking , just pay back a bit of wasted tea tax and the USAF could become the RUSAF, :D


Roy :azn:

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:D ,It rains every 3rd day in the south UK ,

and the weather is a compulsory conversation opener in the UK ,

Indeed even with a hotie , "Good morning " Terrible weather isn't it " never fails

a reply is required ,

all the rain ? the UK is very green , not a brown patch to be seen ,

sometimes I overdose on green , and have to visit the coast just to see some blue ,

I wire ?, I figure is a lost art form, it seems to stem from Texas instruments ,I have a vague grasp on the principle

( all to to with a bus polling all the series sensors )., seems a slow way of doing things , maybe that's why it failed ,?

but then I thought Win M.E was the bees knees, :D

to add

!!! he is sharing my Hair :mad: .,

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loosely back on topic ( I am an ace at derailing my own topic :D )

the Texas/Dallas weather station , (Old Tech these days )

I got it figured ,the wind speed is via a magnet and reed relays , same as Bicycle digital speedometers .

I got some kicking about , the magnet/reed relay gives the pulse ,that gets converted to miles per hour.

and it has calibration change abilities , ( different wheel sizes )

wind direction, is also by magnet /and 8 reed relays ,that is easy to convert to cardinal points .and could use LED's

to show wind direction ,

Temperature ? I don't need as I have digital read out displays for inside the house and soil and ambient temps outside well away from the house ,

wind speed/direction is a going to be a problem , the unit is 100 ft from the house ,and 20 ft high ,

but surrounded by trees , wind sheer will take it's toll on accuracy ,

But hell for a total cost of 8 usd , the price of a UK gallon of petrol

I can see hours of tech fun . and cheaper than 20 ciggeretts UK

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