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No connection - the end of testing?


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I'm on exede. It sucks but it's my ONLY choice. Sometimes it just stops working or responding or whatever and you get a no connection (firefox) then a few minutes later it starts working again. THAT isn't the issue but it's relevent because during an automatic test every 30 min if that happens during a test the testing stops right there. I guess since it can't load the page there's no script or whatever to run. It happens every day, usually while I'm at work but it's hard to complain to exede about connection speeds when I have a 5 hour gap.

Anyone know how to get around this? Not the dropped conneciton but the page reloading if there's a conneciton problem.



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Man that stinks you lose connection like this. If it were cable dsl or anything other then satellite I'de have a few idea's , although there are quite a few experienced beam users here I know will have a few questions for you.

Try not and feel to bad, I can get only one provider here, which stinks on ice as well. I'de like to have a choice. At least we have a connection though is the way i see it , lets make it better.

During the outage , what type of tests have you done , are you able to connect to the satellite , or could it be dns, over sold beam, or a local box issue. I know you came for answers , just asking a few questions while we wait for others to jump in :)

Does this drop out happen any other time , or just during the auto test ? If so could it be the ISP QOS on bandwidth , throttling ?

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Hi Danneauxs, welcome!

My next round of programming improvements will enable the test to pick up where it left off if that happens and it will report to you that it happened. Currently there is no way to resolve this. The fact that this is happening is a major indication that you have an issue... If I were you I would contact my provider and tell them that my connection is dropping. :wink:

Stick with me... I have a lot of work on my plate before I get on that but I work fast.

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