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I am digging housecall anti virus..........


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So I got a NASTY NASTY virus. I ran spybot, avast, trojan scanner, Hijack this, I tried them all, threw everything but the kitchen sink at it. Oh they found the problem, could not fix it.

Saw a post about micro trend housecall. Well its free, So its my last shot before a complete reinstall. Scan took 4 min, Found all the problems, Deleted them, Scanned a couple more times, the problem stayed gone.

What really really made me mad, I was being a good boy, I was trying maxthon browser, So I am installing a few skins trying them out.........Last one I installed. BAMMMMMMMMM.......Locked out of my computer, wanted 200 bucks to fix it. CRAP!!

Start in safe mode, Run all the anti virus I had, Nothing. CRAP!! They found it, Could not get rid of it. House call was the answer....

OOPS.....Forgot,. Yes I had a backup image.....Just knew if I restored the image the nasty would stay. I was gonna format the partition and reinstall windows.

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Yea, It was a big time browser hijack. Comptuer would start, every browser, when you opend it up, said I had to pay 200 bucks to get rid of it because of a illegal software install.

I have had my share of bad ones, this one was HORRID!! Did something to the registry so I could not modify it, Hi Jack this could not get rid of it. Not even in safe mode.

Download house call on the laptop, Put it on my computer, It updated fine, Found it, had to restart the computer, Issue all gone. Tried to warn the people at maxthon, Just got flamed, So I just see ya..

I know anti virus is like browsers, every release either it gets better or worse, So far, House call did the trick. Computer is all backed up and up to date, man I gotta give Linux another shot.

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You won't get flamed here. Please remember which skin it was that you last installed, the one that directly after the issue showed up. I know , after checking several , likely we won't remember, but try yes ? Oust that skin here you know !

Nasty but mostly silent virus and other tracking infiltration garbage is on the rise. How can I say such a thing ? Because when I am so busy with machines in this office I have not much time for else, I get a clue. People that really don't share files or look at porn, or those who are generally awake to scams and the likes are getting their systems taken over. Botnets are on the rise, or at least one, I've not found it yet, but I have recovered three in the last week.

In fact I believe this mac has an issue right now ,has to be either a botnet or worse, keylogging ect included. When you use the same machine anywhere from 8-12 plus hours a day most every day since 2007, you get the feel and become close with the flow. Not too difficult to stop something.

Last week a SCSI drive, and a bios flash on another in the same office, in another office, different business, a hard drive partition scheme wiped and motherboard borked, not had time to see just what went on, and three complete takeovers of systems. One wireless router caught a nasty , I replaced one drive of the pair in the machine, formatted and imaged with XP, with the secondary drive completely disconnected, once sp3 redist ( I carry with ) came online, and I started windows update, pow, right back where I started haha, second time I've seen a router get sick and propagate to the drive .

So sh^ts on the rise, pay attention or pay the price !

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Oh WOW!!!!!!!!! What the heck did I get!!! Update, SOMETHING kept reinfecting my computer. It simply would be fine for awhile, then BAM!! I have no access to my external harddrive, No access to my Slave drive. It would show on my computer, Open the drive, Two small short cut files, Try to click on the one that says "show usb files", Says "winlogon.exe can not find specified drive. Heck of it is, I could access my external on the Laptop, Refuse to Move anything from the external, It could be infected.

I google the heck out of it, I know "winlogon.exe" is either infected, or bad.. So I cry a bit, scream FING WINDOWS!!!! i format the slave, the external and C drive, Start over!! So I spend HOURS puting everything back.

Oh, I reinstall windows 7, everythings cool, Sound won't work!! COME ON!! All my motherboard drivers are inistalled, Ran across a free program called "driver pack solution". Big file, Gotta torrent it. Try it,, Impressed with that program. Found the missing drivers, installed, reboot. SOUND WORKS!!

Thank goodness I keep the important stuff backed up to disk, Formatting the C drive was a trick, had to use Hirens, Now, If I EVER have to do that again, It will go much faster, Have Dvier Pack Souluton, have Hirens,

What I think happend, Got that nasty, While Removing the Virus, It messed up winlogon.exe. Maybe even another windows 7 file, I have a tiny usb external, My backup image will be kept on that JUST IN CASE,

Sorry NO WAY!! Am I going back to any Maxthon web site, Could of been any of the skins I tried, There are only 3 pages of them, I am willing to bet the Skin is gone, The Flameers swore it was not there skin, bet someone found it and got rid of it. I posted the issue in there forums, got flamed BAD, Wanna gess what I said back?? Involved the F bomb and few other choice insults, bet I got banned LOL!!

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