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godaddy is more like no daddy


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I've taken over an account for a client where his last employee had control over the web services. The guy left disgruntled, and in the course of his exit, he did many vicious 'things' , one of which changed all passwords on the goddaddy account , everything.

From the root pass, to email access. I cannot access any company emails, a 50+ year old business, no clients can get a hold electronically.

Speaking with godaddy support, he tells me we have most likely lost the entire account , website and all. Domain included.

What a load of crap is this. And not true.

While the old employee still has complete control over the server and email, godaddy refuses to do anything about it.

Tomorrow I'll call again and see if i can get past the turd stage, and actually speak with someone that has a clue. I'm outraged though, and moveng the last of my domains away from my own account, and will find another registrar for the .us and .co domains.

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Personally... I love GoDaddy. 1000X better than who I used before them (enameco)... and 1,000,000X better than who I used before that (Network Solutions). Network Solutions was the worst and tried to make it impossible for me to transfer... "Uhhh, we need you to fax these forms..." "... we never got the fax that you sent us 10 times... try again." "...Oh we got your fax but we need these different forms now..." "Try again, we didn't get your fax." ... I'm like, UHHHH, it's the 21st century, can't I just email you this crap! Why do I have to jump through hoops to take something I own over to another company! At the time they were still charging $59.99/year or some crap. When I was finally able to pry Network Solutions greedy claws off my property. I took my domains over to enameco and they charged me $12.99/year... that's nearly 5X cheaper! It was like a big time scam, make it impossible to leave then charge a premium to the people who give up. I'm surprised those greedy f***s are still in business. ... i just checked their site, YEP... still greedy! They want 34.99 per year! HAHHA, HOW DO THEY STAY IN BUSINESS?! What the hell could they possibly provide that justifies that price!? I bet if you hop on the elevator to hell you'll see a button reserved for Network Solutions executives, just below the basement.

At least GoDaddy has ethics. I'm sure you're just not talking to the right person. All my interactions with them have been very professional and they get things done and provisioned faster than I previously thought was even possible. Although I don't use any of their secondary services... just domain names and DNS. But I have helped other people with their accounts where they were hosting email services and it was pretty straight forward.

You know what you should do for these guys... get them on Google Apps for Business... screw hosting email service yourself and why pay GoDaddy when you know that Google would do a better job. I've used the service for years, since before it was public actually, and I've never had a single issue. The @yourdomain.fart addresses you associate become Google accounts so they can be used to login to other Google services. It's a pretty simple DNS setup to get it going and you can get a free account for up to 10 users to give it a try. Depending on how many addresses employees they have it can be anywhere from free... to more expensive than GoDaddy's email. I think it's worth looking into. ... Man, Google really hooked me up for joining Apps for Business early. My account can have up to 500 users for free. They normally charge $5/month/user over 10 users.

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I'll look at the google apps for business.

However at this time it will do us no good. Since I cannot access the domain administration interface to change the DNS.

These clients have been sending projects to this specific email nearly since the inception of public email / domain, and thats no exaggeration.

I've used godaddy as a registrar for years, anything else they offer that I have used, aside the domain auctions has been worthless to me. I'm not here simply bashing godaddy for their entry level GUI or the over priced domain renewal ( until you wait for the right email with the % off code )

As far as ethics, I've now spoken with two separate employees that claim I have lost the possibility to ever get control over my companies property again. Which again , I believe is a pile of tripe, these people refuse top listen to what I am saying. I have the credit information tax ID, administrators email, company owners name SS# tax ID, names on accounts , times and dates as well as ftp account names dates of emails only we could know, everything, and they thus far refuse to take any action.

I believe they think I am trying to scam. They must deal with this all day every day, or these people would not be simply shutting their skulls off to anything but telling me no ... no........ no....... nothing we can do , and the best one ' we see it all the time , people lose the website and domain because someone they trust changes passwords'

Another load of pre canned tripe, I'll have to work to discuss this with someone that can actually handle dealing with a real issue. Or simply get an attorney involved, which I've obviously already had to contact.

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