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PS3 | Sony to drop Folding @ Home-- life w/ playstation


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Well ain't that the chit !!

Information on this would be well taken. Why on earth would they do this , i know sony thinks very highly of themselves, enough to stop people that have bought and paid for the product to be imprisoned and bound by more rules laws regulations , that chances are each one of it's users have committed a full blown felony without even touching the controller, but this is bull puckey.

If the system has some sort of agreement with fate , that you must simply use he console for nothing aside whatever sony deems appropriate for life and it;'s users , it might as well be to destroy any and all public relations.

Screw you sony. Last POS I buy from you.

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Of course I know not, but i cannot imagine the maintenance cost was anything at all figuratively speaking, the client may have had to be developed, and they could care less about allowing their employees develop a new client to work with whatever changes stanford has made with the latest changes. Since this likely brings them no ROI.

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