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firewalls need suggestions


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about 2 years ago i was testing all diffrent firewalls and compared them, i ended up using Norton

some of the firewalls slowed down my uploadspeed, and some slowed down my download speed and some slowed down both hehe

Norton didnt slow down at all, also i had no problem when playing games with it, and its very easy to use

this year i bought Norton Internet Security 2005 and it works great, yes it take some system resources but over all it works great, and have alot of features

VanBuren :)

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I used Zone Alarm Pro 4.0 for a long time... but I don't run one now at the office... the network guys keep everything pretty safe and it's monitored 24/7...

At home I was using ZAP 4.0 as well, but now I just rely on my trusty ol' Netgear FVS-318.... seems to do a good job with everything.

Note: ** If you are using F-Secure for Antivirus protection, there are alot of firewalls it will not work with... It works with ZAP 4.0, but not any of the later versions... Will not work with Outpost, Seems to work with Kerio but I don't use it... Don't know about others.....

Also, I've read alot of complaints with ZoneAlarn, though I've never had any major issues with it... always seemed to do ok for me.

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