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huge file upload test

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why are the upload tests suddenly wanting to upload 20-40 MB size files? not about to set and wait for THAT long of an upload test! totally unecessary. my maximum upload speed IS NOT that fast!


thank you


Thanks for bringing that to my attention.  A new algorithm that should only be active for the download test was accidentally being crossed when combined tests were performed.  I've corrected the issue and it should no longer be a problem for you.  Please let me know if this persists.


Thanks for the feedback.


- Damon

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wow, fast response!! site is working as per usual now, on first trial.


did that issue simply slip your mind, or was i the only only 1 effected by that, which i find very hard to bleieve?!


thank you


while i have your attention and i can't steal my own thread, why is ie9/10 so much faster than ANY other browser i've ever used, on the download, when i'm running under windows? i pretty much have everything always set the same in all browsers. no biggy if you don't answer this being that it is off topic though.


thanks again :wink:


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Glad it's working correctly now.  


It didn't really slip my mind... I just didn't think of that situation for some odd reason.  You weren't the only one effected.  But it also wasn't a totally widespread issue either.  Many people tested in ways where they weren't effected by that bug.  


What it was doing was using the TiP data (that's the data points I record during the test) from your download test to try to determine your upload size... I simply forgot to tell it to ignore that part of the code for the upload test.  ...most of the upload tests weren't having an issue because it only happened if you were doing a combined test with a download result that had TiP data.


The issue occurred after my last update, only completed about 24 hours ago.  The new way the download test size is determined with SmarTest works smarter.  By adding TiP information to the calculation it can make a better determination of the most suitable size for the connection.  Hopefully without using too little or too much bandwidth.  I try to test your connection with the perfect amount to get the job done accurately.  More data is more accurate, but at a point you're just wasting time and bandwidth.


Please let me know if you see anything else weird.  TMN is a HUGE program and I'm one guy trying to remember all the interactions of all the variables in the program, I make mistakes.  I strive for a smooth experience for my visitors, please point issues out to me.  There is a very simple contact link on the bottom of all the pages.  As you can see, I'm quick to respond and quick to take action.


IE 9/10 faster.  I've heard that.  Personally I've seen spotty performance with IE, but I've heard that it really performs well for some people.  I've been using it in parallels on Mac.  I wonder if it has to do with hardware acceleration... and maybe if I run it on a native windows install I can see that.


I'd love to see your findings.  TestMy.net is a great test bed to performance test browsers, I bet the new multithread speed test addition would be a good browser benchmark too.  It's very new so I haven't had a chance to do much browser comparison.  Post a topic in general discussion with screenshots... better yet video screen captures.  Show the performance difference and tell us your system specs. Since your browser is processing the test information browser performance effects the results here, intentionally.  Use this more and more and you'll start to realize that it isn't just an Internet speed test.   :wink:


Happy Testing!

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Different browsers for different folks for different speeds, to me it always seemed the norm. Even with the same setups. :read:

wouldn't have a problem with that except the difference between ie and ANY other browser was about doubled on the download and sometimes more than doubled. a browser CAN NOT make that much of difference, no matter what you might think!

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wouldn't have a problem with that except the difference between ie and ANY other browser was about doubled on the download and sometimes more than doubled. a browser CAN NOT make that much of difference, no matter what you might think!


It could if the other browsers are interacting with something inefficient.  Maybe a plugin or setting common between the other browsers is not present in your IE.  Could be that an internet security program is slowing down the other browsers... an array of issues could cause one browser or more than one browser to run slower.


Your results that you see here do give a good indication of the speed of the browser.  You're only as fast as the weakest link, if your browser has an issue it will cause lower results and also cause your browsing experience to be slower.  Because other speeds tests use protocols that bypass the browser they don't notice as many things as TMN does.  This is by design, those issues effect your browsing performance and how snappy the web feels on your computer so I try to make sure that they aren't bypassed.  If everything is in order you should get very similar results between most modern browsers (maybe a 5-10% deviance using the same machine, testing moments apart).  


Whatever the result is, if you consistently get the same result... and it's always much lower in one browser.  There is something slowing it down.  The test is invoked the same in any browser.  It's not like it does something different for IE... IE just seems to be more efficient for you at doing the task.  ... if it loads my test data faster, it WILL render pages and content faster.  It's a fact.


Now, if your results in IE are reading over the actual throughput... that's important for me to know.  But if you put a meter on your line I bet you'll find that the higher numbers are actually being achieved.  ...now if one browser is doing it without an issue then there has to be a shortcoming of the slower browser.  Realize, like tommie said, some people see faster results in IE, some in Firefox, some in Chrome, some in Safari... some people with identical setups will have different results.    Realize there are A LOT of variables even if the setups look identical.  Software installed and uninstalled over time can mess with things too.  


If you consistently get higher speeds in one browser... you should probably use that browser unless you don't notice the difference.  I personally float between Chrome, Firefox and Safari depending on my mood.  All return similar results for me.  Firefox tends to upload faster.  Latest version of Safari is really smooth.  I mostly use Chrome.  I tax it with like 100 tabs and it never crashes, it gets the job done and remembers my stuff between my devices.

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