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Average speed vs package purchased


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I am living in an area with generally poor internet (Manaus, Brazil), and while looking at average speeds is helpful it isn't exactly what I need. Internet packages here are often sold in 1,2,5,10 mega bundles. I am looking to replace my virtua 10 mega plan because they are really unreliable in my area, but I can't find out average speed based on package sold. A lot of people around here have low mega packages due to the high relative price of internet, driving the average speed down. So, while Oi internet is lower mega on average, I can't figure out if it is due to lower mega bundles or poorer performance. Net virtua on average sells more high mega packages because it is a more expensive (supposed higher quality...), whereas Oi is cheap and oftens serves the poor. I know there are other speed tests which compare price to speed, or package to speed, is there a similar feature for this website? 



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What kind of up and down speed are you registering on this site? You might want to test 2 to 3 times consecutively, using the Dallas server. Then repeat this at 4 to 6 hour intervals. After a couple of days you can see what your average is now. You can look at this site's database - the Database pull down menu. Or go here for Brazil. https://testmy.net/country/br.

Also go here: https://testmy.net/country/br and pick the ISP rank tab.

You can view the Oi and Virtua data. Virtua data looks faster, but like you say, you don't know if that's because most of the Oi data tests were run by people with an inexpensive slower service.

You might call Oi and ask them to run some tests on the TestMy.net site and see what they get for results and compare that to your results now on Virtua. Not sure if they'd do that, but it might be worth a try.

You might want to go to their office and sit with someone and try the TestMy site. Maybe take your laptop? Not sure if they'd do anything like that, but it might be worth asking.

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So, like Pgoodwin1 said, check Brazil speed test stats and look at the ISP Rank tab.




So let's look at Virtua (ranked #4 in Brazil) -- if you click on the member rank tab you'll see the fastest users.




Now, Oi Velox  (ranked #8 in Brazil)


(Less popular so there's less information on them)


Looking into Jabulba you'll see he's in Rio De Janerio -- great connection.



I guess it depends on your budget and what the price of their packages are.  I'd go with Virtua... Oi Velox has proven to be extremely fast in the right area but Virtua seems more consistent.  Yeah, we don't know what packages people have but if you look closely at the results you can get an idea.


Why not help out others who have the same question, try both ISPs and write about it here.  I guarentee that if you use TestMy.net as your benchmark it will be immediately apparent which is faster.  TMN keeps test variables to a minimum which provides a level standard playing field.  If you keep the rest of your equipment the same then the only real variable between the results is your provider.  You can directly compare them and trash the slower one.   Make sure to use the multithread and mirror options when doing comparisons like this to get a nice broad spectrum of circumstances.


Take advantage of any money back guarantees!! (realize that often install fees are NOT refunded, check with your provider and try self install options if available to save time and money)  Make sure when you call to cancel you tell the loser the real reason why you've decided to go with the other guys.  It may help them improve their quality.


I hope this helps.

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