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--Thanks for the great speed test site. I was genuinely surprised at the results I got here compared to speakeasy/ookla. My ISP does host an ookla site and does recommend using the java based speed tests. I was having trouble after upgrading my internet package. My old one was 10Mb/768k and I upgraded to 30Mb/3Mb. I had asked the sales/accounts lady if I needed a new cable modem and she said no and I believed her. Well after doing multiple tests on various sites i stumbled upon testmy.net and actually got an accurate result for what my connection really felt like compared to what my ISP said it should be. I contacted tech support and they said that I did need a new cable modem that the upgraded plan required a DOCSIS 3 cable modem and I had a DOCSIS 2 modem and that could/would account for variances in speed vs internet package. I went in and swapped out cable modems free of charge and tests were about the same on ookla/speakeasy but improved by a decent amount on testmy.net. Most importantly it felt quicker and more responsive as my family and I were using it for various things. 
Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Oh and for all you older techies in the crowd that might remember how we used to do speed tests before there were websites for it *grin*
ftp blah.soandso.edu
get 5mbfile.tar.gz
send <1mbfile.tar.gz

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Thanks paroxysmal!  I appreciate the feedback.  Always happy to be of service.   :)


I love feedback letting me know TestMy.net's helping when others sites weren't able to.  It's funny how some other tests don't even notice a physical problem that you know exists.  If everyone could see first hand what you just experienced... most other speed tests wouldn't exist.  If they miss something as obvious as that imagine what else they miss.  This is VERY common by the way.


... it's not that ookla missed it, it probably has more to do with the fact that they adjust the way the result is interpreted.  They ignore portions of the result.  Here's an analogy, next time you work on your car do it the ookla way... pop the hood, cover half the engine up with a towel and see how much you can figure out.   :evil6:   --- now you know from first hand experience that partial information leaves you in the dark.  Help by spreading the word... average people have no idea that they have wool over their eyes in most cases.



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well i knew something was wrong when i upgraded because my up/down was pretty reliable before at 10Mb/768kb, but it was all over the place afterwards. and it felt slow


i am pretty tech savvy and spend a lot of time on the net so i know when im getting what im supposed to be getting haha



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I find the FTP method to represent useful speeds just as well as TestMy. They are kinda similar in that they by default test the performance of a single TCP connection (until you tell your ftp to send several files simultaneously), except for the fact that you might not be sure how much bandwidth the remote server has. Torrents also work quite well (unless they have been separately limited). You can easily get a wide selection of remote peers from all over the globe. Some of them might show good speed, while others would not. And one can often see a pattern in there.

Today Internet users, as they become "web users", get more and more shielded from the technical details: speeds are often not shown and are hidden behind a simplified activity icon "throbbler", or the geographic location of the remote server isn't revealed. If this wasn't the case, there would be less need for any speed tests, and need to "trust" them.

The Flash method to test via Ookla works quite well to test multi-connection performance. I'm not familiar with Java. Flash overall has less CPU overhead, while it is of course still there. TestMy on the other hand would allow you to see the speed you'd get for a large software download, you'd get if you went to say Sourceforge, and picked an overseas server.

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