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A different kind of test - not bandwidth, but persistence


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This is a feature request...aside from testing bandwidth stability, which testmy.net already does very well, something else I need is internet connectivity stability. For example it would be useful to run a test that simply pings a server like google and records success/failure, over a period of a week. I am sure I could accomplish this using other tools - and since testmy.net is browser based it may not be the ideal venue for a longer term test like this. 

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Thanks metaline,


I think I have a solution for you, TraceMy.net.  Your address has already been traced.





It's a logged traceroute and ping from testmy.net to the target.  Just released and I leave it up to my members to interpret the results.  Just know this... the ping and traceroute data comes raw from command line execution.


Being a server-side application the client requires only a browser.  As a member your address is automatically traced as you use the site.  A harmless, silent and common process and uses only bytes of bandwidth.


Hope this helps.


Here's some good reading about interpreting traceroute.

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