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What do you think is going on here?


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Been keeping a watch through my speeds for a while now, I have mediacom Internet package of 100mbs


Here's my story, I have had a number of problems with mediacom, mostly involving the maintenance of their own cables being at fault. Just last month I had a Tech out to my location, we were getting speeds of barely 5 down if we were lucky.


Tech came out, replaced some wires outside WOO! speeds jumped up to what they were supposed to be. 80 - 95mbs down and 12-23 mbs up


Modem:  MOTOROLA SB6141

Router: TP-LINK TL-WR841N


Currently this is the average I am experiencing through my speeds

10552593_10204767120034114_5300739638777I want to know more about this... and wether or not I should put up a fuss about the speeds I get through mediacom


Yeah yeah first world problems but I'm paying for 100 so I expect to see 100 (or at the very least 95 when the bandwith is good.


Can anyone tell me why I might be experiencing that little divot in my speeds? Is the signal hitting a sudden wall of virtual garbage that mediacom has built up in their wires?



Mediacom Tech - "It may still be a little unstable, the wire on the roof seems like it might need some service but I don't have a ladder in my van, but otherwise the speeds are a lot better now (getting 90's)."


Another from the tech that I had out that made me laugh when I pulled up the tests through testmy.net



"We use speedtest.net most of the time, we find that is has truer more accurate speeds. Also I don't really know what all that other stuff is in there... (referring to the graphs of information)




As a side note.. If any of you are employee's in mediacoms tech department PLEASE! tell me... do they just have a switch in there for customers? I mean seriously, my speeds drop and I call in and I'm all like, "hey what's going on with my speeds I'm through my modem and all that junk"

Tech's like "oh speeds look fine nothing seems to be going on"


I check speeds again they're fine and dandy -.-


I swear they flip a switch when I call in about tech problems.. and then give it a few days and turn the switch back off.

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At first glance the latency 'dip' appears as network congestion during the test, some type of QOS, or if this is happening on all tests, could be power fluctuations within the first line node. Or any number of other issues actually.


As far as speedtest, it's not showing the latency because it discards such findings. Why is anyone's best guess. But great for ISP's since it will not show issues such as you have pointed out in testmy.net results.

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Your speed plot is pretty typical of what I see on Time Warner Cable too. You may test it again seconds later and the plot will be very flat, except for the start and finish. Then seconds later it may be worse.


If you're running via WiFi, try connecting via ethernet and see if you get similar results. When I'm running on wireless and don't have great signal strength because of distance from the wireless router (or number of walls) I get much more variation, and typically lower Max speeds.

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