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my net is slow

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Looks like you normally get 15-20 Mbps but like you said, right now you're only getting ~1 Mbps.




If your PS4 is downloading a game... that would totally explain why your speed would drop like that.  Any network activity that's drawing bandwidth off the Internet will affect your results.  Whatever is speed it's being downloaded at... you can pretty much figure that amount will come right off the top of your results.


Say I have a 10 Mbps connection and I'm downloading something at 1 MB/s (8 Mbps) --- I'm only left with 2 Mbps to test with (or do anything else).


Your connection is a 20 lane freeway... 19 lanes are most likely being taken up by your PS4 download right now.  If your router has QoS settings you may be able to alleviate some of the symptoms on the rest of your network by deprioritizing the PlayStation traffic or setting your computers to a higher priority.  Here's some info on setting up QoS on netgear routers.  Concept is the same for other routers.

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