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Clowns, un trained incompitent clowns in the custiomer service area. My current ISP that is. 


For roughly 5 years I've had their service, though, if you ask them, they cannot find the account. I'm on the phone with the right and get this tripe again. So i said look up my address.... " sir we do not have service at that

address" Mkay, what about this account number on the BILL YOU SEND ME
! ??? "Sir we do not have account numbers that start with
what you are giving me"

Ok I said then so I am not required to pay a bill that is not associated
with any service from buckeye right?
She says "you can do what you like" OMFG I literally smacked my forehead
when she said and I quote " if you do not pay your bill your service
will be subject to termination" hahahahahahahah------
moron. Pass the handset to someone that is conscious please. <= i didnt
say that last part.

I have no choice but to go into the office I exchanged the boxes a
couple months ago. They had NO issues finding me then. She says " if you
think that will help you"
ok, at that point I could not speak, not even
make anything more than a grunt so I hung up.


Don't get me wrong, the internet service is excellent, steady day and night, minor fluccuations.

The TV, which I personally could give a turd less about being force fed every tom dick and scary larry hoking their wares between the fodder called "TV shows" , I can honestly say I hate something in that sense.

Who hell wastes so much time staring blindly into a screen allowing any plethora of intellectual mind control genius' to pump flashy subliminal messages persecond into the dead of the head. AND PAY FOR IT to boot. 


Yea, glad that's out. None the less. Others in this family care to be that person, so i haven't a choice. 


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my mindless rant. 


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