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Hello, gentlemen.


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Hey there, I discovered this website today looking for alternatives to Ookla's speed test and I like it.

My only complain is that every server is foreign to my country (IT), thus resulting in high latency, I hope new servers will be added and among those some (or at least one) will also be located in Italy, but whatever.

So far I've been testing my connection with the server located in GB and the one located in Germany, both of them pretty much good (except my connection yesterday and today has been slowed down because we're moving to a new house and the Internet line transfer has started), I can't wait to try this speed test on my LTE connection tomorrow morning in the other house (where the signal is much stronger) and more tests in different areas of my town.

Said that, good luck for the website and please consider adding an Italian server aswell so we can get some lower latency tests too :D

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Let me ask you this... where are most of the websites you visit located?  Inside or outside Italy?

Looks to me like you have decent latency to GB https://testmy.net/rt/Elia1995&miq=13 - one in there that took an extra long time but it's an outlier.  I doubt your ping was affected when that reading was taken.

You have potential to get a better response time to DE... it's physically closer to you but maybe your routing to the DE server isn't ideal.  https://testmy.net/rt/Elia1995&miq=17  --- we know that you can obviously do better because of your GB results in this test.

If you want to be real with yourself you should probably be testing outside of Italy.  Having said that, knowing your speed using TMN on a server closer is important information and can help provide the best baseline to work from.  I have one 13ms from my house in the same city I'm in.  It's my preferred server now.  Comparing those results against the other servers provides me a much better picture.

I have a new program I'm releasing soon that will enable everyone the ability to host their own TestMy.net.  By default it runs off TMN's network of servers but there will be an option (for those who want to participate) where you can host the test wherever you'd like.  I require that the host hand over the keys to the server so TMN can properly assure that there is no tampering.  Tampering that could affect the results can occur on the server level, to keep everything honest I'm requiring full root access.  There are already corporate hosts who've agreed to these terms so I feel like if they're willing... I should just give the option to everyone.  By the way, it's 100% free to everyone and I'm offering it without ads.  The basic principal is that you cut and paste a small snippet of HTML code into your site and instantly have TestMy.net housed within your websites design.  It's not a lite or beta version... it's the full power of TMN.     ...very soon.  I'm working on the EULA right now.

Hosts who opt in will become part of a new list of servers, many will remain private.  You may have an option in Italy sooner or later... or you can put one online yourself.  Minimum requirements are a Xen VPS with 512MB RAM and 1000 Mbps uplink to the Internet.  $5/month in many instances.  When I release this I'll put a list of hosting providers up to help you find one.  If you put a server online and make it public... many people in your area will appreciate it.

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