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Could my ISP be trying to trick me?


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I have been getting terrible internet connection speeds on our farm. Eventually the ISP sent a technician to check out the problem. 

I showed him my speedtest.net results which were very poor. Over the next few days I checked speedtest.net and the speeds were indicating what we are paying for .... but it didn't seems if we were getting better speeds. 

So I tested with a few other speed test services, including testmy.net and got very different results such as the following. 

Speedtest.net: Download: 2.08 Mb/s Upload: 1.46Mb/s

Testmy.net: Download: 926kb/s Upload: 426kb/s (which is more like the earlier speedtest.net speeds before the technician's visit) 

My question: Is it possible that the ISP have prioritised the speedtest.net domain to make it seem as if the speed is correct?

What other possibilities could there be? 

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Welcome aboard ;)

I would suggest trying a multi-threaded download test to see what speed you get:  https://testmy.net/multithread

Place a tick mark next to your nearest server and leave the rest unchecked, e.g. if you're in the UK, tick 'London' only and then click 'Test my Internet' 

If you get a faster download result, then it is quite likely your ISP is either only able to handle about 1Mbps per connection or is limiting individual connections to this rate.  Speedtest.net performs a multi-threaded test.  TestMy does not have multi-threaded uplink test, at least not at this time.

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My question: Is it possible that the ISP have prioritised the speedtest.net domain to make it seem as if the speed is correct?

It is possible.  It may be simple though, maybe when the tech was there he went to your settings on speedtest.net and changed your preferred server to something that gave a more favorable result. ;)

So everyone can see your results before you signed up >> https://testmy.net/compID/179936226875

You should definitely run some multithread speed tests like Sean suggested and test against the UK test server to get a full picture.

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From my experience it seems like most Internet Service providers over sell their areas. However I have noticed some priority routing from our isp.. I have had trouble from day one with our internet service provider. How I usually know that I have issues is I ping newwavesucks.com my domain i created to help motivate our ISP to actually fix their crap..

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