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Why someone choose username like mine I am the ORIGINAL jackintheshack.


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So sorry to disappoint you Cable..... Rarely enogh time to  "social network" this end. Too busy fixing networking issues in the mobile data arena. Nup, guess as he not giving me a bad bag then it ok I guess, Ps.. The Vodafone network bitten off more than it can chew here in OZ recently. Your network results would show something similar i'm sure.  Smell a precursor to a "Takeover" here.  ie:Zero infrastructure expenditure in anticipation of  (Takeover).   We'll see..  Bloody sidetracked again. later folks.... Bill.

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Answer me sir with a bonafide answer and I will apologize. When registering, before ever seeing who was in the group, how could I have seen there was a jackintheshack. It's literally impossible and I do not know if names can be changed. But CA3LE could verify that I was jackdashack before I ever knew what was anyone's username.And don't flatter yourself after that display of accusation without merit.


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11 hours ago, jackdashack said:

I am puzzled by why your avatar says NEW MEMBER when you joined earlier than me and mine says FULL MEMBER. That seems backwards. You should be listed as the a Full Member I should think? Oh well. Who's perfect? Not me for sure! :rolleyes:

It goes off the number of posts you've made.  @jackintheshack has been a regular for a long time, I see his username all the time.  I was surprised when I noticed he's never posted.  Him and I first talked in email August 2011 to November 2011.  I guess sometimes when I talk to people in email and then just see their username on the site... it makes me feel like they've posted.



Here's a quote from an email 11/5/11, I'm noticing now that our last email was days before my daughter was born... funny I haven't talked to you since then and now you pop back up right before my second Son is about to be born. :-P  --- Sorry if I didn't respond to the last message.  Was a busy time for sure.  Okay, on to the quote...


On 11/5/2011 at 4:32 PM, jackintheshack said:

PS My nickname here is a derrivative of my old CB radio callsign of 1Whiskey Jack (1WJ). Yes most of the time i'm "intheshack". Cya.. Bill.


Like I was telling @jackdashack in PM last night.  We'll just have to have to remember that there is jackdashack and jackintheshack.  I think it's cool that there are enough members here to have run into this problem.

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