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iphone results waaaayyy better than pc(cable connection)


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hi mates!


i was just wondering if someone could assist me with my problem. Our connection is capped at 32/1 megabits per sec. When using my iphone, the results are somewhat near but if i'm using the pc that is connected through a cable to the router, the results are tremendously low!!! Like 5mbps or less. I tried using the tcp optimizer but nothing happens. I'm running win7 as of the moment. Firewalls are set on by default (windows firewall i think). Maleware bytes are turned of during the test. Dropbox also turned off. Torrents also halted. 


Please help.


Thanks and have a good day! 

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Hi TroublesomeJohn,

 The first thing that tosses a flag for me is the sequence of wording --windows:torrents

So many times we get 'things that we did not expect to when grabbing a torrent, I'm sure you are more experienced to already be aware of this, just voicing the first thing that comes to mind.


If there is something hiding in there, it could be using the machine as a webserver, botnet, or even an email open relay.


Of course low disk space, an older HDD and or low system memory could all have an adverse effect on throughput. First thing I would do is run through and clean up everything, organize all wanted / required applications and documents, and chuck the rest.


F-Secure has a great online scanner, and from my experience has a tremendous record for sniffing out baddies on the machine.


edit: I should also mention good cables and connection many times are some of the less obvious, yet most simple 'troublesome' areas.

Also make sure there is not any QOS settings in the router config that could be limiting the port, mac, or IP range. 

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You could also run a trace route to testmy.net , this could show if the slow spot is before or during the route.

As if there is still something hanging around on the hard drive chewing up the available bandwidth.


After a closer look, it would give the appearance you are tethered in some way, to the android phone from your desktop, no? Your results show very few tests not originating from the phone, however some are much higher than others, which could be those from the phone itself, and the lower results from the desktop.



Unless of course the system is following your selection of extra identifier instead of what is actually being tested




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Hi again!


For some strange reason, i read something about "nvoawrappercache.exe"... one site said it was prolly a threat so i went to msconfig > disabled dropbox update, utorrent, dropbox, acrotray - adobe acrobat distiller helper application, adobe updater startup utility, and nvidia backend... my speed now reaches double digits... @_@

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1 hour ago, TroublesomeJohn said:

i just noticed, if the speed and duplex is set to 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex and i connect it to the black box (where the router is connected) it isn't recognizing  that there's an ethernet cable... so i put it back to auto negotiation for the mean time...

This is due to both sides being required to be set the same to recognize one another. That is why there is an auto setting, which waits for the 'interrupt' instead of demanding.


If it is a black box of a modem, you'll not be able to authenticate to change those settings.

Basic network topology would help, care to share?

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so, connection no.1 = black box > router a > cable connection cat6 to desktop

      connection no.2 = black box > cable connected to the wall ( i'm not quite sure if cat 5 / 6 ) > cable from wall to router b


in the tests here i'm using the desktop that is connected to router a ( other users also connects here ), the iphone is connected to router b.


multiple users on router a

only an android tab, samsung mobile, iphone, and chromecast connected on router b


tests done on desktop was made with router a and no other users were at home

i tried both router a & b on iphone same results 


*i'm using d-link dir-850L on router a and asus rt_ac66u on router b ( for some strange reason, i'm having higher latency on the asus router that is why i'm connecting to the d-link one )

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