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Upload speeds Unusable Out of The Blue

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First off I want to say that I have Cox (Las Vegas NV) with their top package that offers 200mb Down and 40mb Up. Everything has worked fine for a long time getting close to those speeds until about 10 days ago where I noticed I could not stream onto twitch anymore at 3000kb upload. I did a ton of troubleshooting on my end everything from reformatting my pc to driver updates to firewall/router/security/cleaning out my PC/OBS stuff... nothing I've done seems to work. The upload speed is so slow now that I cant stream which is a source of income for me and I really need to figure out this issue. Also I just had the ISP come out today and say everything was good (even though the tech didn't know his elbow from his ****hole) Now I log onto OBS or any other streaming service and I within 30 seconds start dropping frames like crazy. My internet speeds are 200mb Down, 20mb+ Upload (which is what I pay for) on speedtest.net but 100mb down/1.1mb Upload on Testmy.net?!?! and now struggle to stream at 3000kbs? I'm at a loss. I REALLY could use some help. Thanks for your time.

My setup

i7 4790k
MSI Gtx 970
MSI Gaming 5 Mobo
16gb Ram

Arris Surfboard SBG6782-AC Router

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Looks like your speed is returning to normal...



... did Cox ever tell you what the issue was?  If you're confident that it's back to normal you should call Cox and ask for a credit.  I recently had an upload issue with Comcast for 15 days, similar to yours.  Called and requested a credit for the time it was running poorly and they ended up giving me $10 off per month for 12 months.  Cox Communications was my provider in the past too, they will credit you if they know of an issue and you request it. ;) 

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So on Feb 15th the Cox Tech came out and fixed a ingress/egress due to new construction of homes in the area, everything worked fine until about a week ago when the upload speeds went from 20 back down to 1mb/s. What I really don't understand is every time I call out a tech they check the connections straight from the wire and it's always 300+down and 30+ up but when I check on testmy.net it's 1mb/s upload speeds and when I try to live stream through OBS I cant upload at more than 1mb/s which is a HUGE problem because I live stream for a major source of my income and haven't been able to since this issue began. This issue has been going one for months now and has cost me thousands of dollars in revenue from my live streaming service, I'm at a loss and cox can't seem to figure out the issue because when they look it seems there is no issue.... =( HELP =(

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