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my current speed with sky (uk) before i go fttc tomorrow

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well fibre is officially live and im quite impressed with the new speeds :)


















and here is a little graph to show the jump from adsl to fttc that i achieved.

im 1.7km from exchange and 400m from the street box thing



. buzzin!

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we have had cable in our area for 13 years so as soon as virgin took over in 2006 we had a 5mb down and 0.5 up connection and now we have come all the way up to 220 so pretty good. ive also tried fttc at my house and got 73 down and 18 up and adsl2+ got 15 download. ee 4g is also getting 70mb download speeds

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on vodafone 4g im getting around 30 down.  if virgin do come round id probs only get around 70-100 because of my distance from cab

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i asked if you live close to your cabinet then realised you said its at the end of your drive in another thread lol

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I will be getting Fibre when EE/BT can get space in the Street cabinet. I am interested what anyone is using that needs such high speed down/upload? Lots of devices all streaming at once?

I am not a high bandwidth user, use BBC iplayer etc for catch up tv, but mainly email and general web surfing and I have for a long time been happy with 6Mb down and 0.8Mb up. EE are swapping me to fibre because they/BT  cannot fix the packet loss on my service which has been a nightmare for 3 moths. If the service was still reliable I would not be moving.




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