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Manoj Manilal

TMN speed test vs other speed tests

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Hi All


I have a 40m fixed fibre line (Telkom SA JHB). When I test via TMN it varies from between 7m to 11m on the test. However on many other speed tests (EG ookla), it always shows around 38m. Does anyone know why the results are so far apart and what is true speed. I'm also concerned that my service provider is not giving me the speed I'm paying for.


Any assistance will be appreciated.





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Read this


... long story short, you most likely have the 7-11 Mbps TMN is telling you.  But you're in South Africa and the closest server you've tested on is in the UK.  I also see that you did multithread tests but selected all of the server, which can bring your score down.


Try multithread again, this time only select UK or DE servers... you could even try both at the same time.  Just don't select the wide array you did before.  These results will probably be your highest.  Both results are true, they're just tested differently.  The default single thread test will show you how fast single files are able to download and streaming ability.  When you multithread, imagine that it's not downloading a single source, it's grabbing multiple files at the same time.  You may be able to perform better in aggregate but not in a single thread.  You also may be able to perform better on that single thread if the server is closer to you.  By the way, TCP optimizer helps older windows based machines perform better at distance by adjusting MTU and RWIN values.

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Thanks, I tried your recommendation, the line reading is 36m (wonderful). Ok great. thanks for other old post as well, makes more sense to me now. I have also installed the TCP optimizer. I'm not sure if it working though, I'm not sure to check it, but all good.


Thanks again.


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