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Best headlight bulbs


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ive been running PIAA bulbs in my mitsu and i love it.....they cost a bit more than sylvania or other companies, but its well worth the money, pure quality

thats what i thought mine will be more expensive (about $140-$150) around there  :shock: 

which piaa's you got?

Plasma Blue

Super Plasma

Ion Crystal

Star White

Xtreme White

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i use & recommend Matrix, inc performance Xenon Halogens:


9006 12V 80 Watt Ultimate White Bulbs      $36.80/pair

9005 12V 100 Watt Ultimate White Bulbs    $36.80/pair



80 low 100 high  is that the watts it uses if so my cable will melt i have that happen when i had my 00 civic si

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what is the best headlight bulbs (brand and quality)

i got 01 accord

low beam - 9006

high beam - 9005

Silvania SilverStar http://www.brightheadlights-hid.com/silverstar-Sylvania-Silver-Star.htm

Piaa http://www.piaa.com/Bulbs/Bulbs-9000.html

If there is other you guys know post please website

^ thats what i use :D  Silverstars are a lil more expensive, but worth the few extra $$$

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Which one willl be more brighter 

Sylvania - SilverStar

Size                Lumens      Watts      Color Temp

9006              1000              Max. 60      4000K

9005              1700              Max. 70      4000K

PIAA - Xtreme White Plus

Size                  Watts                      Color Temp         

9006                51w = 115w              4000K

9005                60w = 120w              4000K

:?::?: :?::?: :?::?: :?::?

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