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Auto test keeps stopping


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I am trying to run an "auto test" of 100 tests, one every 15 minutes, to gather evidence about the instability of my ADSL connection. After one successful run of 100 tests, I am trying to get another 100, but I find that the repeats stop happening after just a few tests. On the latest attempt it stopped at test no. 2.


The machine I am using is a DELL desktop running Windows XP SP3.

The browser is Internet Explorer 8.


Any ideas what I can do to diagnose and/or fix this problem?

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I'm having this problem too. For the last several days, I set auto-test "Combined", "Express", "Every hour", "Repeat 100 times" (or even 50) and it stops testing after maybe 5 tests and sends me an email saying "Your automatic speed test is complete."


I'm on Windows 8.1, using Firefox 53.0.2 (32 bit).


Also, when I click "Force Re-Test", it opens a new browser tab and runs the test. But this results page does not have the info at the top of the page:

"This test will automatically re-run every 1 Hour.  Minimize this window and come back in about 99 Hours for complete results

After 100 cycles your overall results will be shown, email reminder sent to _______@alumni.princeton.edu when your test is complete.

Test #1 of 100 → Remember, make sure your computer does not sleep or hibernate during this process. Retesting in (56m 56s) at 11:45:03 am GMT -4.

This too just started a few days ago.
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