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Things sure have changed........


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I am sure most of you dont even remember me. Cant remember the last time I even posted here. Just found myself "over" the desktop computer. I used to be so hard core, custom built machine, bla bla bla. Bought my first table awhile back, just a cheep 100 dollar used one. I just find I really enjoy it so much, that my desktop ever dies, I wont replace it. Think I am just gonna go with a tablet, and thats fine. 


Prob has allot to do with I just dont game anymore. Used to. Tons of games on steam. Just getting older, guess things change. Tablet is fine, and my hard core geek days are a thing of the past. Still trying to figure out what I can and can't do with the tablet. Learning more about it. In time, I may replace it with a new and improved model. While playing with the desktop computer, and tweaking my connection was a blast. I guess I am just over. it. 

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Hey ninjageek, glad to see you again... of course we remember you.  Crazy, you've been a member here for almost 11 years!


Personally I'm still big into my desktop and laptop.  I feel handicapped on tablets and mobile devices.  I'm not a big fan of the input right now, never have been a fan of touching the screen.  Excited to see it in the early days (80's early 90's), I like how far it's come but I can't wait for a better way. 


As a society right now we're wasting too much of our time with the input between our minds and our devices.  I imagine it will get better but for now a mouse, keyboard and monitor still connect me to my digital life in a way that a tablet can't.


I imagine a future where people won't have to have their faces in their phones all day.  It bugs me how impersonal people are becoming as a result of technology.  You check out at a store and the clerk doesn't even make eye contact, it didn't used to be that way.  You can tell who the tech addicts are in society.  In the future I believe we'll get that back as people have less need to be burred because the input will be so much more seamless and fluid.  You'll be able to express what you want to much quicker, without touching anything.  For some this will dig them in deeper but I think for most it will be a freeing transition.


I hear you on the gaming.  The only gaming I've done in a couple years is playing NES Mario with my 5 yo daughter.  :-D  -- Already not enough hours in the day and then on top of it the games I like to play are extremely violent FPS war games...  my kids are always with me and I'd rather take them to the zoo or park to be honest. :D  One day I'll play again.



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