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Unknown ISP? hmm


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The IP you have right now is a reserved address...



The IP address '241.xxx.xxx.xxx' is a reserved IP address (private, multicast, etc.).




I've seen one other member before who was assigned a similar address but I don't know how or why you have that address.  You should ask your ISP and let us know what they say.




Cotton, et al.            Best Current Practice                [Page 12]

RFC 6890           Special-Purpose Address Registries         April 2013

                 | Attribute            | Value                |
                 | Address Block        |          |
                 | Name                 | Reserved             |
                 | RFC                  | [RFC1112], Section 4 |
                 | Allocation Date      | August 1989          |
                 | Termination Date     | N/A                  |
                 | Source               | False                |
                 | Destination          | False                |
                 | Forwardable          | False                |
                 | Global               | False                |
                 | Reserved-by-Protocol | True                 |


I don't think they should be assigning you that address.  Maybe those addresses are in use now (hence
"future use")... but I can't find any evidence anywhere that says that they are.

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Okay. @CA3LE

So now I am a little confused annoyed and frustrated... like dealing with my ex... (still friends, nice girl and all but FUCK! haha)


my IP address on speedtest.net shows as 99.250.xxx.xx 

checking for "whats my IP" for IPv4 shows the same 99.250.xxx.xx

(xxx.xx has numbers obviously, I am just not providing it)...


but here at TMN it is 241.158.xxx.xx 

so... WHAT... WHAT Iz diss?



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