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I just signed up!


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Greetings all!

Just joined and look forward to being a member of testmy.net community of users. 

Besides testing my own devices at home, MAY I USE the automatic (recurring) speed

test on multiple systems simultaneously with my account?  I consult for small office

business with 2 to 15 users using Spectrum business account and have been 

experiencing intermittent outages ranging from 3 seconds to 1 min.  Like someone

is flicking a light switch.  I would like to create a typical day user load  using multiple

systems on the weekends and night when the offices are closed.  This would allow me 

to analyze traffic on the router and managed switches in real time without interfering 

with Monday to Friday work day for the business.  Will an authorized testmy.net agent

please let me know if this is OK?


If any member can give me advice and/or solutions which will help me, please do.






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The speed test probably isn't the best tool for testing that.  I think you need to be monitoring ping instead.


Running TestMy.net's speed test on all of your machines on a regular basis will use up a lot of your network bandwidth and may cause problems depending on the pipe you have.  I wouldn't do it.  When I use the automatic speed test I do so to test fluctuations, not uptime. 


One thing you can do is use TMN's automatic response time testing.  Every time you load a page on TMN's frontend (any page outside of the forums) it will test that machine's response time.  This action only uses bytes of data.  It's possible to call the page up and have it test automatically on an interval, I'll just have to dig into the program a little to find the commands.  Currently if it encounters a timeout it isn't logged but in the future this will be reported in your RT database results.


If you want to differentiate the machines you can select a unique identifier for each machine.


Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 9.29.17 AM.png


If you have it set to test on a regular interval you be able to see holes in the results when you click details.


Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 9.32.17 AM.png


As long as you're signed in your RT will be tested each time a page load occurs.  You can do this even without using TMN to reload the page.  Make a simple HTML meta refresh script, make it refresh a minimal page on TestMy.net.  https://testmy.net/blank.php is already there for this purpose.  Before starting the script just open a browser window, log in to TMN and select an identifier so you can tell which machine it is.  The frequency shouldn't be set lower than about 15 seconds... the time it takes for the RT test to run and send the request to log it's result to the database.


I hope this helps.

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