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Give Reporting Include and Exclude Functions

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The current report only provides the option to include identifiers, however, it would be vastly more helpful and make the reporting more meaningful to be able to "exclude" certain devices.  

For example:  You have iPhone, iPad, Android, devices.  These would not expect to have the same download upload speeds even though their ISP may have the same name.  This in turn skews the results up or down depending on how many mobile devices are using the same ISP.  The current version would require you to go through and select each area except mobile devices clicking all the way down the list.  Would be better to exclude and select mobile devices (or a better term hand held devices), or iphone ipad, android, kindle, etc.  Leaving only traditional devices (desktop, laptop, thins)

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I'll keep this in mind when I start on the database searching improvements.  Development on that will start shortly after the new beta is released.


What I was planning on doing is having it aggregate the user agent information.  So it will search through your result details, group the user agents and allow you to do more detailed searches.  You'll also be able to select multiple identifiers.  So you can select "Android & iOS" for instance or select the inverse to see only desktop and laptop results.


If you want to be part of the beta group, vote "Yes" on this topic >> 



It's an old topic from the last beta of the version you're using today... a fresh beta is coming soon.


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